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The Lakers' Draft Predicament

by Jonathan Tjarks

May 22, 2015 1:42 PM

Okafor and Randle both want to play around the rim on offense and makes you confident in their ability to anchor an NBA defense. The worst case scenario is they would end up getting in each other's way on one end of the floor and leave the paint unprotected on the other. Read more »

Tags: Jahlil Okafor, Julius Randle, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA, NBA NBA Draft, NBA Draft General

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Five Seniors Creating Late NBA Draft Buzz

by Cameron Schott

May 21, 2015 3:28 PM

Prospects sometimes emerge late in the draft process, even after their senior year. Rakeem Christmas, Darion Atkins, Cady Lalanne, Pat Connaughton and Richaun Holmes are five such players. Read more »

Tags: NCAA, NBA, NBA NBA Draft, NBA Draft General

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Bryce Dejean-Jones Misread, Not Overlooked

by Shams Charania

Apr 28, 2015 10:37 AM

Bryce Dejean-Jones will be examined for every headline in his college career. He'll be interviewed about the apartment incident, the moodiness surfacing around teams. He went to Iowa State with questions, and once again, he goes misread into a new basketball world. Read more »

Tags: Bryce Dejean-Jones, Iowa State Cyclones, UNLV Runnin' Rebels, NBA, NBA NBA Draft, NBA Draft General

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Notes From The 2015 Portsmouth Invitational

by Jordan Tyler

Evaluating the standouts from Portsmouth who could follow the likes of Robert Covington to become NBA players. Read more »
Notes From The 2015 Nike Hoop Summit

by Christopher Reina

The depth of future lottery talent in the 2015 Nike Hoop Summit wasn't as strong as past seasons, including last year's edition that comprises a good percentage of the draft crop, but there are three potential franchise-changing talents in Skal Labissiere, Ben Simmons and Jaylen Brown. Read more »
The NBA Future Of The Kentucky Seven

by Jonathan Tjarks

When you are drafting from a John Calipari team, you want to make sure you are taking guys based off their talent level and skill-set not their proximity to greatness at the NCAA level. So how do the seven guys from this year's team stack up with each other? Read more »
Tournament Wins Come From Smart Coaching In January, February

by Jonathan Tjarks

Justise Winslow's numbers have risen dramatically, in large part because Coach K put him in a position to succeed on both sides of the floor. One guy who has slipped in comparison is Stanley Johnson and it's instructive to see the difference in how they were deployed by their respective coaches. Read more »
Coach's Corner: Post Defense In NCAA Vs. NBA

by Brett Koremenos

Before either getting enamored with the post brilliance of Karl-Anthony Towns or analyzing the merits of Mike Brey's approach, you have to take into consideration a distinct difference in how post up play works at the NBA and college level. Read more »
Karl-Anthony Towns As A Specter Of The Past Or A Vision Of The Future

by Jonathan Tjarks

The biggest question NBA teams will have with Karl-Anthony Towns is whether to utilize him in post-ups or pick-and-rolls. What makes him such a great prospect is it can work either way. Read more »
How Picking The Wrong Coach Hurts Draft Stock

by Jonathan Tjarks

A savvy NBA team at the end of the lottery may be able to squeeze a lot of value out of their pick because of the incompetence of Myles Turner's college coach. Read more »
2015 NBA Draft Pick Protection Update

by Daniel Leroux

The first half of the NBA season has changed some of the dynamics of traded pick protection, while also producing a few other trades involving 2015 picks. Read more »
Willie Cauley-Stein And The Two-Way College Basketball Superstar

by Jonathan Tjarks

Willie Cauley-Stein is the best player on the best team in the country and he’s not going to be a first-team All-American. There’s lot more that goes into helping your team win basketball games than scoring a lot of points. Read more »
NBA Prospects From The Big 12

by Jonathan Tjarks

The Big 12 is widely considered the deepest conference in the country this season. And while there isn’t a ton of high-level talent outside of Kansas and Texas, almost every team has at least 1-2 guys being seriously looked at by NBA scouts. Read more »
Tape Measure, Game Film, Common Sense

by Jonathan Tjarks

Jabari Parker’s early success has a self-described facial coding expert taking a victory lap, but the the biggest market inefficiency was Dante Exum falling to No. 5, especially considering how well he'd fit with the Bucks. Read more »
Breaking Down Protection Of 2015 NBA Draft Traded Picks

by Daniel Leroux

While the concept of tanking gets plenty of ink, the NBA has a more specific problem in that vicinity due to the rules concerning pick protection. We detail the potential issues that could rear their head this season, ranked in order of overall impact. Read more »
Team-By-Team Analysis Of The 2014 NBA Draft

by Jonathan Tjarks

With the new CBA magnifying the importance of the draft and one of the most talented groups of prospects in recent years, what happened on Thursday night will have significant ramifications on the balance of power in the NBA for the next decade. Read more »
Leroux's 2014 NBA Draft Review

by Daniel Leroux

Breaking down which teams had Great, Good, Enh and Bad drafts with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid going in the top-3. Read more »
2014 NBA Draft: The Underrated

by Jonathan Tjarks

The key to finding sleepers once you are out of the lottery is identifying players with the ability to do multiple things, which allows them to impact the game without the ball in their hands. That means guys with the physical tools to be impact defenders or the all-around offensive games to contribute in a variety of roles on offense. Read more »
2014 NBA Draft: The Overrated

by Jonathan Tjarks

Doug McDermott, James Young, Jerami Grant, Mitch McGary and Cleanthony Early are five players we expect to be selected too early relative to the value of their contributions in the NBA. Read more »
Top-13 Of The 2014 NBA Draft

by Jonathan Tjarks

The 2014 class could end up rivaling 2003 based on its depth. If the Top 3 players in this year’s draft ever got on the same team, it would be something. Read more »
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