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Bryce Dejean-Jones Misread, Not Overlooked

by Randolph Charlotin

Apr 28, 2015 3:34 AM

Bryce Dejean-Jones will be examined for every headline in his college career. He’ll be interviewed about the apartment incident, the moodiness surfacing around teams. He went to Iowa State with questions, and once again, he goes misread into a new basketball world. Read more »

Tags: Bryce Dejean-Jones, Iowa State Cyclones, UNLV Runnin' Rebels, NBA, NBA NBA Draft, NBA Draft General

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A Golden Parachute Of Epic Proportions

by Christopher Reina

Dec 19, 2014 7:40 PM

Danny Ainge and the Celtics have received more value in dismantling the Big 3 era than they sent out in putting the roster together. Read more »

Tags: Boston Celtics, NBA

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What To Expect For The Mavs With Rajon Rondo

by Jonathan Tjarks

Dec 19, 2014 11:45 AM

The Mavericks have been looking to replace all the different things Jason Kidd brought to the table since the day he left. Rajon Rondo is about the closest thing you are going to find to that in the modern NBA. Read more »

Tags: Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, NBA

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Evan Fournier Using Versatility, Rebuilding Situation To Maximize Opportunity

by Andrew Perna

Like many European players before him, Evan Fournier benefited from having learned multiple roles as a young player and his versatility has become invaluable for the Magic. Read more »
The New Team Smell

by Sam Yip

Vivek Ranadive’s inability to allow the staff he hired to make basketball decisions will undoubtedly hinder the potential of the Kings. Read more »
David Lee's Exit Unclogged Drain For Steve Kerr

by Jonathan Tjarks

Without David Lee around to get in everyone’s way on offense and get lit up on defense, the Warriors have gotten off to the best start in the NBA. Read more »
Non-National NBA Games Of The Week (Dec. 15-Dec. 21)

by Daniel Leroux

From top to bottom, this should be an excellent week of non-national games featuring matchups of elite teams as well as some with compelling young talent. Read more »
Why The Pelicans Have Plenty Of Time To Build Around The Brow

by Jonathan Tjarks

There’s a lot of talent in New Orleans and it’s still very young. If the spread pick-and-roll is the future of the NBA, the Pelicans have most of the pieces in place to run that offense at a very high level. Read more »
Larry Brown's Mission Of Building NBA Factory In Dallas

by Jonathan Tjarks

Larry Brown basically has an NBA coaching staff trying to improve the prospects of marginal prospects in order to get them a fighting chance to get into the league. Read more »
Non-National NBA Games Of The Week (Dec. 8-Dec. 14)

by Daniel Leroux

Multiple appearances this week from the Warriors, Raptors, Cavaliers, Clippers, Pelicans and Thunder as you set your League Pass schedule. Read more »
Clippers Starting To Roll

by Graham Flashner

As the Clippers grow and mature, a more formidable kind of team has emerged, one that stresses tough defense, spreading the court, and making the extra pass. Maybe not as flashy as Lob City, but more substantial, with the hope of playing deep into May. Read more »
The Overhyped Specter Of The Repeater Tax

by Daniel Leroux

While the new CBA established a heavily punitive repeater rate, it also made getting there incredibly difficult. After the current season, the only way for the repeater rate to come into play is if a team paid the luxury tax in three of the four previous seasons. Read more »
Brad Stevens Appears To Reach Breaking Point, All But Calls Celtics Soft

by Andrew Perna

Brad Stevens does nice guy about as well as anyone in the NBA, but his patience is wearing thin. Physicality has been one of Stevens’ favorite words as of late, a diplomatic way for the coach to harp on his team for being soft without creating a salacious headline. Read more »
Handicapping The 2015 NBA MVP Race

by Daniel Leroux

The best predictor of who will win MVP for a given season is not the most valuable but rather the best player on a great team. Stephen Curry currently fits the criteria as the most probable candidate, but who else should join him? Read more »
Coach's Corner: Pop-ology

by Brett Koremenos

In a league where more and more brilliant ideas and minds are infiltrating it by the day, there is a continued push for the new, intricate ways to view the game. But as Gregg Popovich and the Spurs regularly remind us, sometimes the smartest people are in the NBA are the ones that remember to keep it simple. Read more »
Non-National Games Of The Week (Dec. 1-Dec. 6)

by Daniel Leroux

Multiple appearance this week from the Bucks, Cavs, Heat, Mavs, Pelicans, Wizards and Thunder. Read more »
Joel Anthony Hopes To Re-Sign With Pistons As Part Of New Culture

by Shams Charania

Joel Anthony has made clear to Stan Van Gundy his desire to remain within the new regime, aiming to re-sign with the Pistons and be part of a roster that thrives again in Detroit. Read more »
Magic Find Free Money In Evan Fournier

by Jonathan Tjarks

If Evan Fournier had spent three seasons at Indiana playing next to Cody Zeller, he would be pretty well regarded like Victor Oladipo. Rob Hennigan has again found free money as he did with Tobias Harris and Nik Vucevic. Read more »
Coach's Corner: How Jason Thompson And Zaza Pachulia Are Unsung Heroes

by Brett Koremenos

The Kings and Bucks have started the 14-15 season better than expected with Jason Thompson and Zaza Pachulia playing key, under the radar roles in that success. Read more »
Non-National NBA Games Of The Week (Nov. 24-Nov. 30)

by Daniel Leroux

Brow vs. Boogie Part II headlines Thanksgiving week, along with multiple appearances from the Raptors, Grizzlies, Rockets and Bucks. Read more »
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