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Rockets Engaging With Teams On Dwight Howard Trade

Feb 11, 2016 2:23 PM

The Houston Rockets have begun contacting teams about a trade involving Dwight Howard.

Howard plans on becoming a free agent this offseason and both sides have uncertainty on his place with the franchise.

The Rockets are working with Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, on possible destinations.

"I'm not privy to what the Rockets are doing or not doing with respect to Dwight Howard. What I can say, with 100 percent certainty, is that Dwight has not and has never asked the Rockets for a trade. And neither have I," ‎said Fegan in a statement.

Howard was reached by ESPN and he confirmed Fegan's statement.

"Dan's statement is true," said Howard. "I have not asked the Rockets to trade me. Nor have I talked about right trades. I want to win. I want this situation to work. I chose this team. And I'm not running because we have been faced with some adversity."

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

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Wolves Have Already Reached Out To Tom Thibodeau

Feb 11, 2016 12:33 PM

The Minnesota Timberwolves have one of the best futures in the NBA building around Karl-Anthony Towns.

Sam Mitchell is currently the interim head coach but he's not widely expected to remain there in the long-term. 

Tom Thibodeau could be a candidate for the job as he remains a coaching free agent.

"I think the people in the Wolves' organization are already looking at Tom Thibodeau," said Windhorst. In fact, sources are telling me there's already been some cursory contact between the Wolves and Thibodeau.

"The Timberwolves job is a great job. It will be low expectations. They have two guys who look like bonafide future annual All-Stars in Wiggins and Towns."

Windhorst also believes Thibodeau would prefer the Wolves' job over the New York Knicks.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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RealGM Radio: Warriors' Announcer Jim Barnett

Feb 11, 2016 6:38 PM

Host Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux) and longtime Warriors announcer and former NBA player Jim Barnett (@uograd66) discuss the Warriors (1:30), getting drafted by the Celtics (26:11), playing for player-coach Bill Russell (28:41), what players from the past could compete today (35:00), Wilt Chamberlain (36:10) and his top ten players of all time (43:52).


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RealGM Staff Report

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Phil Jackson Giving Kurt Rambis 'Chance To Win' Knicks' Job

Feb 11, 2016 12:42 PM

Kurt Rambis is serving as interim head coach of the New York Knicks after Derek Fisher was fired.

Rambis has another shot after failing as a head coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

"I do think Phil Jackson wants Kurt Rambis to be successful. I think he wants the Knicks to have a good second half so he can give Rambis the job," said Windhorst.

"(Rambis is) going to have to accomplish more than we saw (in Minnesota).

"Kurt Rambis is going to have a chance to win that job."

Tom Thibodeau, Brian Shaw and Luke Walton have been mentioned as possible candidates for the Knicks.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Stephen Curry Has Best Pre-ASG PER Since Jordan In 87-88

Feb 11, 2016 5:39 PM

Stephen Curry heads into the All-Star Game with a NBA-leading PER of 32.0, which is the best pre-ASG mark since Michael Jordan's 32.4 PER in the 1987-88 season.

Curry is the clear frontrunner for MVP at this point in the season.


15-16: Stephen Curry: 32.0

14-15: Anthony Davis: 31.6 / 28.8 / 30.7

13-14: Kevin Durant: 30.2 / 28.2 / 29.5

12-13: LeBron James: 31.1 / 32.3 / 31.5

11-12: LeBron James: 31.5 / 30.0 / 30.8

10-11: LeBron James: 26.4 / 29.3 / 27.4

09-10: LeBron James: 31.0 / 31.2 / 31.1

08-09: LeBron James: 31.4 / 32.1 / 31.7

07-08: LeBron James: 29.3 / 28.6 / 29.0

06-07: Dwyane Wade: 29.1 / 18.2 / 28.1

05-06: LeBron James: 28.6 / 27.0 / 27.8

04-05: Kevin Garnett: 27.6 / 29.3 / 28.1

03-04: Kevin Garnett: 29.0 / 30.3 / 29.5

02-03: Tracy McGrady: 28.3 / 33.2 / 30.3

01-02: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.1 / 30.1 / 29.6

00-01: Shaquille O’Neal: 27.8 / 33.2 / 30.3

99-00: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.7 / 31.8 / 30.5

98-99: Shaquille O’Neal: 30.5 (no All-Star Game)

97-98: Shaquille O’Neal: 29.3 / 28.3 / 28.6

96-97: Michael Jordan: 29.0 / 25.9 / 27.7

95-96: David Robinson: 28.9 / 30.2 / 29.5

94-95: David Robinson: 28.6 / 29.6 / 29.0

93-94: David Robinson: 29.3 / 32.3 / 30.6

92-93: Michael Jordan: 29.0 / 31.3 / 29.8

91-92: David Robinson: 27.5 / 26.7 / 27.2

90-91: Michael Jordan: 31.2 / 32.0 / 31.5

89-90: Michael Jordan: 29.3 / 33.4 / 31.0

88-89: Michael Jordan: 31.7 / 30.3 / 31.1

87-88: Michael Jordan: 32.4 / 30.9 / 31.7

86-87: Michael Jordan: 27.5 / 32.4 / 29.7

85-86: Magic Johnson: 24.6 / 22.7 / 23.7

RealGM Staff Report

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Raptors Have Held Talks On Kenneth Faried, Thaddeus Young

Feb 11, 2016 1:38 PM

The Toronto Raptors have emerged as the best threat to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference and have been active in searching for an upgrade at power forward.

The Raptors, sources say, have had exploratory discussions to gauge the possibility of acquiring Denver's Kenneth Faried, Brooklyn's Thaddeus Young and the Phoenix duo of Markieff Morris and P.J. Tucker.

Young re-signed with the Nets in the 2015 offseason.

The Raptors own the New York Knicks' first round pick in addition to their own, which can be used in a trade.

Marc Stein/ESPN

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DeMar DeRozan Feels At Home With Raptors

Feb 11, 2016 1:34 PM

DeMar DeRozan will be a free agent for the first time in his career but he says it will be "pretty tough" for a team to sign him away from the Toronto Raptors.

"My whole mindset has always been this is home for me," DeRozan said. "I never think otherwise unless it's brought up to me, or you see things, or people ask you about certain things.

"This has always been home to me. I took pride in putting on this Toronto Raptors jersey since I've been drafted here. And my whole goal was to get this team to the point where it is now. And I feel I've been a major key to that."

The Los Angeles Lakers are planning to offer DeRozan a max contract.

Kyle Lowry is confident the Raptors will be able to re-sign DeRozan.

"He will be a free agent," Lowry told ESPN Radio. "That's the best thing for him to do. And for me as a friend -- as a friend -- and what he did for me during my free agency, I'll do the same thing. I will just listen and sit back. I won't give him no advice, and I won't push him anywhere. Because, as a friend, friendship comes before basketball, and that's my guy.

"Wherever he makes a decision to go -- and I'm hoping it's back here, which I think it's gonna be -- I won't push him or persuade him or anything. I'll just say: 'Hey, listen, bro. I'm here to listen to you.'"

Marc Stein/ESPN

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Paul Pierce: I Might Be The Reason Celtics Get Ben Simmons

Feb 11, 2016 6:52 PM

Paul Pierce played in what may be his final game at the TD Garden on Wednesday in an overtime thriller.

Pierce was traded by the Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets in 2013 in a package that included several draft picks. The Celtics own the Nets' pick this year, which could be a high lottery pick.

“I’m helping build this team,” Pierce said with a laugh. “Hey, I might be the reason they get Ben Simmons.”

Pierce also said he can see himself in a front office position with the Celtics when he retires.

“I think all possibilities are open,” Pierce said. “If that is an opportunity that presents itself, I would love to. This is a Class A organization with what they’ve been able to do. Wyc (Grousbeck) and Steve (Pagliuca) are great owners. You got a great young core. You got a great young coach. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a role here someday in the future.”

Steve Bulpett/Boston Herald

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Morey, Harden, Howard Have Extended Meeting Following Loss

Feb 11, 2016 12:52 PM

Daryl Morey, James Harden and Dwight Howard had an extended meeting following the Houston Rockets' loss at the Portland Trail Blazers ahead of the All-Star break.

The Rockets could be aggressive ahead of the deadline, though it isn't clear if they'll be buyers or sellers.

"We know they want to swing big deals," said Windhorst.

J.B. Bickerstaff called the Rockets "a broken team" following the loss.

Howard can be a free agent this offseason.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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NBA To Discuss Adding Corporate Logos On Jerseys For 17-18 Season

Feb 11, 2016 7:26 PM

The NBA sent out a memo seeking feedback about placing corporate logos on uniforms for the 17-18 season.

The initiative must be approved by the Board of Governors in April, which would allow teams a year to sell the space and it would also coincide with the start of their deal with Nike.

The NBA is proposing 50 percent of the money from a deal would be kept by the team with the other 50 percent going into a revenue-sharing pot due to the discrepancy between big and small markets.

Deals would be restricted to three years.

In 2011, Adam Silver suggested selling ads on jerseys could be worth $100 million per year.

Players will wear a Kia logo on the upper left chest of All-Star jerseys.

Darren Rovell, Brian Windhorst/ESPN


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Bryan Colangelo, Arturas Karnisovas, Sean Marks Believed To Be Nets' Top GM Candidates
The Nets hope to narrow their candidates to two or three by the end of All-Star weekend.

Chris Broussard/ESPN

Chris Bosh Treating All-Star Game Like It Could Be His Last
Chris Bosh has made 11 All-Star Games.

Shandel Richardson/Sun Sentinel

Kings' Minority Owners Fought Ranadive On Firing George Karl
The Kings decided to hold off on firing George Karl this week, but it could have been for financial issues.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

Steve Kerr Still Having Complications From Spinal Fluid Leak
The Warriors have an 11-0 record since Steve Kerr returned on Jan. 22 and a 48-4 record overall.

Ramona Shelburne/ESPN

J.B. Bickerstaff: Rockets Currently A Broken Team
The Rockets enter the All-Star break with a sub-.500 record.

Calvin Watkins/ESPN

NBA Schedule Still Putting Players At Risk Of Injury
Teams play three points per 100 possessions worse on the second day of back-to-backs.

Tom Haberstroh/ESPN

Markieff Morris, Archie Goodwin Have Shoving Match On Bench
An argument escalated into a shoving match between Markieff Morris and Archie Goodwin in which teammates intervened.


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Suffers Dislocated Right Shoulder
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist also suffered a torn labrum and dislocation in his right shoulder in the preseason.

RealGM Staff Report

Monty Williams' Wife Passes Away In Car Accident
Monty and Ingrid Williams have five children together.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

Grizzlies To Pursue Kevin Durant In Free Agency
The Grizzlies want the opportunity to pitch Kevin Durant on joining Mike Conley and Marc Gasol to form a well-balanced core.

Adrian Wojnarowski/The Vertical

Stephen Curry, Warriors Credit Ankle Scares For Reaching MVP Level
Stephen Curry signed a four-year, $44 million extension with the Warriors in 2012, which was seen as a gamble on the team's part at the time due to his ankle issues.

Pablo S. Torre/ESPN

76ers Waiting On Joel Embiid As Trade Calls Come For Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor
The 76ers do not want to part with either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor until they know if Joel Embiid is healthy enough to play.

Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Inquirer

Hawks Receive Interest In Jeff Teague, Dennis Schroder From 76ers
The 76ers aren't expected to make a serious push for one of the two players.

Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Inquirer

Phil Jackson Has Opt-Out In Knicks' Contract In 2016 Or 2017
Phil Jackson joined the Knicks as team president in 2014.

Chris Broussard/ESPN

Damian Lillard Added To USA Basketball Roster Pool
Damian Lillard played in two exhibition games during the 2014 USA National Team Tour.

RealGM Staff Report

Heat Express Interest In Omri Casspi
Omri Casspi is owed $3 million this season and next.

Ethan Skolnick/Miami Herald (via Barry Jackson/Miami Herald)

Dwyane Wade Wants Quick Negotiation With Heat In Free Agency
Dwyane Wade and the Heat had a prolonged set negotiations last offseason before agreeing upon a one-year, $20 million contract.

Barry Jackson/Miami Herald

Knicks Told Hiring Scott Brooks Could Impact Kevin Durant's Decision
The Knicks' chances with Kevin Durant are slim and they took a hit with their firing of Derek Fisher.

Ian Begley/ESPN

Lakers Offered Kobe Bryant For LeBron James In 2007
The Cavaliers' front office remembers it as the only trade call with an offer for LeBron James.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

Tyreke Evans Likely Out For Season With Knee Surgery
Tyreke Evans underwent arthroscopic surgery on the same knee in October and recently began experiencing pain again.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

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