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Adrien Signs One-Year Deal With Benetton Treviso

Jeff Adrien has decided to a sign a one-year contract with Benetton Treviso in Italy.

“I’m taking it as soon as the lockout’s over, a team will sign me to whatever type of contract,’’ Adrien said last week before agreeing to the deal with Benetton. “I do have overseas offers, but I just feel like right now my heart is right here in the NBA, and it’s hard not to listen to your heart.’’

Adrien was waived by the Warriors just before the lockout.

Via Boston Globe

Bradley Seeks Improvement, Potential Deal In Europe

Avery Bradley's agent Mitchell Butler had a conversation with Danny Ainge before the lockout concerning his client's need to see game action to improve.

Bradley is ready to be a high quality NBA defender, but needs more floor time to develop offensively.

Butler is searching for options in Europe for Bradley to play, though he is currently training in Seattle with the likes of Jamal Crawford and Aaron Brooks.

“He’ll get the necessary reps running up and down, but I would like to put him in a structured situation, as well,’’ Butler said. “Being coached, having to run a team. And that could present itself in a situation in Europe. We’ve got a lot of teams that are interested, [but we need to be cautious] from a standpoint of making sure the money is right because he may end up being there the whole year. This [lockout] may go an entire season.’’

Ainge was receptive to the idea of Bradley playing in Europe.

“They were all for it,’’ Butler said of the Celtics. “If it is something we decide to explore, I am sure they will be happy about it. I think they want to see him get the necessary reps because he’s going to be a big part of what they do this season and for years to come.’’

Via Boston Globe

Rubio Could Become Barcelona's Alternative To Huertas

Barcelona's number one goal is to sign Marcelinho Huertas, but they could turn back to Ricky Rubio if they are unsuccessful.

Huertas wants to join Barcelona and has a deal in place with them, but Caja Laboral holds his rights and the decision is ultimately up to the team.

If Rubio re-signs with Barcelona, he would return to the NBA as soon as a lockout is resolved.

Via Mundo Deportivo

Batum Reaches Deal With Nancy

Nicolas Batum has reached an agreement on a deal with SLUC Nancy if the NBA lockout extends into the regular season, according to Julien Deschuyteneer of BasketSession.com.

Batum will begin the season in French Pro A and the Euroleague with Nancy if an NBA lockout continues into the NBA regular season.

Via Oregonian

David Joerger Agrees To Two-Year Deal To Become Lead Assistant For Grizzlies

David Joerger agreed Friday to a two-year deal with the Grizzlies that includes a significant increase in pay and a promotion to lead assistant.

Joerger is entering his fifth year with the Grizzlies and assumes the position vacated by Johnny Davis, who left earlier this month to become the lead assistant with the Toronto Raptors.

“I’m happy for (Joerger). He was instrumental in us being successful. Keeping him gives me a little peace of mind,” Hollins said. “It’s really disappointing that we lost two guys because in any endeavor you want continuity. You want to have trust in who your coaches are and what they are about. And that takes time to develop. When you’re changing coaches on a regular basis you never really get that. It’s hard to find coaches who know how to be followers but are leaders.

“Johnny Davis was important to us and nobody really knows how valuable Damon Stoudamire was to us. He had a very good connection with all the players. His relationship was unique and one I couldn’t have with the players. There were a lot of fires he could put out.”

Assistants Henry Bibby and Barry Hecker are also expected to re-sign with pay raises and more responsibility.

Via Memphis Commercial Appeal

Kanter Considering Offers From China

Enes Kanter is considering playing professional ball in China next season if the NBA lockout persists.

Kanter's agent, Max Ergul, told The Salt Lake Tribune on Friday that his client has official offers from two Chinese teams. 

Ergul does not want Kanter to miss another year of basketball, as he was forced to sit his freshman season at Kentucky.

"It's very interesting stuff," said Ergul, who said he could not reveal the names of the clubs because details of the negotiations are still confidential. "We'll be entertaining those ideas as well as the lockout progresses. He's a ballplayer — he has to play."

Via Salt Lake Tribune

Liggins Exploring Overseas Deal

DeAndre Liggins was the 53rd overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft and remains in the limbo of the lockout without a guaranteed contract.

"We're looking at trying to go overseas possibly," said Liggins of himself and his agent, Henry Thomas. "He's working on that now."

Liggins said he would like a contract that would allow him to return when the NBA lockout ends.

Liggins was asked what would motivate him to play overseas.

"Everything," Liggins said. "For the money, staying in shape, compete. That's everything."

Via Herald-Leader

Acie Law Signs With Partizan

Acie Law has signed a one-year, $500,000 deal with Partizan.

The deal does not include an out clause for Law to return to the NBA following a resolution of their current lockout.

Law most recently played for the Warriors.


Biyombo Denied Clearance By FIBA

FIBA recently declined to provide the NBA clearance to sign Bismack Biyombo, the Observer has learned.

Biyombo was drafted seventh overall by the Bobcats in June, but is still under contract to a Spanish team and the Spanish Federation is enforcing that contract.

In an email reply to an Observer inquiry, FIBA spokesman Andrew Robotham wrote:

“The NBA has indeed requested a Letter of Clearance (LoC) for the Player Bismack Biyombo. In accordance with the NBA/FIBA Agreement, FIBA has contacted the Spanish Federation in order to obtain the LoC.

“However, the Spanish Basketball Federation refused to issue the LoC in view of the fact that the Player is still under contract with a team in Spain. ‘’

That Spanish team, Fuenlabrada, reportedly has Biyombo under contract for the next two seasons and expects a buyout of about $1.4 million to release Biyombo to the Bobcats.

Via Charlotte Observer

Source: Pistons Hire Lawrence Frank

The Detroit Pistons have hired Lawrence Frank as the new head coach, according to a source.

Frank, who will sign a three-year contract, will be Detroit's sixth coach in 11 seasons.

Frank was most recently an assistant coach with the Celtics.

Via Press Release

Shabazz Muhammad's No. 1 Asset Could Be Intangibles

Shabazz Muhammad is immensely talented but is receiving rave reviews for his intangibles.

Los Angeles Times Shakes Up Coverage Of Lakers, Clippers

Mike Bresnahan will become the lone traveling writer for the Lakers from the Los Angeles Times.

FIBA Ruling To Allow NBA Players To Go Overseas

FIBA agrees that players are free to sign anywhere but do so at their own risk of injury.

Durant '50-50' On Playing Overseas If Lockout Continues

Kevin Durant is undecided on whether playing overseas is for him.

Kobe To Meet With Besiktas On Saturday

Seref Yalcin believes there is a 50 percent chance of Kobe Bryant coming to Turkey.

Former NBA Player Jay Vincent Jailed For Basketball Team Scam

Jay Vincent allegedly traveled the country charging people to try out for a fake basketball team.

Thibodeau Undergoes Partial Knee Replacement

Tom Thibodeau has had bone on bone in his knee for 30 years.

Warriors Still Searching For New Team President

Robert Rowell and the Warriors mutually parted ways this summer.

Howard Working With Hakeem For Second Consecutive Summer

Dwight Howard has begun training with Hakeem Olajuwon for the second consecutive summer.

King: If Someone Doesn't Want To Play For Nets, He Just Doesn't Want To Play In The City

Billy King believes the Nets move to Brooklyn will make a big impact on the team's ability to sign players.

Rockets Hire Greg Buckner As Player Development Coach

The position will be Greg Bucknerís first coaching job after a 10-year NBA career with Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Minnesota and Memphis.

Rondo, Wall, Cousins To Play In UK Exhibition Against Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is coached by John Calipari and includes Francisco Garcia.

Bogut To Serve As Assistant Coach To Australian National Team

Basketball Australia was unable to insure the NBA contract of Andrew Bogut.

Agent: Mavericks Seek Long-Term Deal For Butler

Caron Butler suffered a season-ending injury to his patellar tendon on Jan. 1

Kobe Set To Play Charity Soccer Match In DC

Kobe Bryant has agreed to participate in a charity soccer match sponsored by former U.S. women's soccer player Mia Hamm.

Stoudemire To Launch Sports, Fashion Site

Amaríe Stoudemire is launching a sports and fashion website.

Report: Union, NBA To Meet Next Week

Representatives for NBA players and owners will meet next week for the first time since the lockout began on July 1.

Kirilenko Negotiating With Russian Team

Andrei Kirilenko has talked about playing in Russia, his native country, or for teams in Europe.

Darko's Agent Says Client Not Exploring Return To Europe

Darko Milicicís agent said his client plans to stay with the Timberwolves.

Rodney White Charged With Growing Marijuana

Former NBA player Rodney White was charged with growing marijuana in his home.
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