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Wiggins Embraces Role As Pillar Of Canadian National Team

Andrew Wiggins is seen as the future of the Canadian national team.

"I think he takes a lot of pride in that because that's where he's from," Wiggins' AAU coach Mike George said. "He embraces the opportunity and challenge and takes it on. He's got a very humble spirit about him. If you know his dad and his mom, they are the most humble people you will ever meet. A lot of that is inherited from his parents and his brothers.

"It's a lot of pressure but I don't think he thinks about it too much. He's just a young kid who enjoys playing the game. If he could just play pickup five-on-five the rest of his life he'd be happy because he loves the game. Because of that he doesn't feel the pressure."

Wiggins, the clear-cut number one player in the class of 2014, may reclassify to the class of 2013.

"I'll say this as my statement on his recruitment, these college coaches need to stop assuming and take a chance and recruit him," George said. "A lot of people assume that he's going to Florida State because of his parents or Kentucky or whatever because it's presented like that in the media. All of these assumptions are made but it has never come out of his mouth.

"These other coaches aren't even trying."

Via Eric Bossi/Rivals

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