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Nikola Mirotic Impresses Randolph, Needs To Improve Physicality

Nikola Mirotic impressed Zach Randolph when the Memphis Grizzlies played against Real Madrid this week.

The Bulls own the draft rights to Mirotic.

"I like his game," Randolph said. "The kid can play. He has to come into his own. But that kid has a shot. I don't think he's physical enough to be in the NBA as a power forward or center as of now. But he can play small forward the way he shoots. He can move real well. I didn't see a lot of ball-handling skills, but he'll be all right."

Mirotic is expected to remain with Real Madrid for at least two more seasons.

"He can shoot," Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said. "He knows how to play. It's about getting stronger and learning the NBA game. It's so much more aggressive and physical. Over (in Europe), guys just stay on the perimeter and shoot.

"That part will be tough for him. We went small and played Rudy Gay at power forward and he became a non-factor. If he's playing against a bigger four, he'll have more of an advantage."

Via K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

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