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Webster Sees More Wade Than Ray Allen In Bradley Beal's Game

Martell Webster sees more of Dwyane Wade's game in Bradley Beal than he even does Ray Allen, whom the Washington Wizards' rookie most often uses as a comparison.

“He says he wants to compare himself to Ray Allen, but he has a little more flash than Ray Allen. I’d say he has a little of The Flash — [Dwyane] Wade — in him,” Webster said. “He can slash, put it on the floor, and make contact. That’s big. When you can establish yourself at the free throw line seven, eight times a game, that’s a big difference. He’s got it. He’s still a rookie. He’s learning the basics. If he keeps watching the players that he admires, take little bits and add them to himself, he’ll be a star in this league.”

Beal is averaging a team-best 16.5 points through the first two games as a reserve.

Via Michael Lee/Washington Post

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