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Heat Showing Vulnerabilities With Interior Defense, Rebounding

The Miami Heat are 2-1, but have allowed an opponent to score over 100 points for the third consecutive game to open the season.

“We understand some teams will score over 100 points when they shoot 47 percent or so,” Chris Bosh said. “But allowing 50 [or higher], that’s a little bit too much. We can’t expect to win a lot of games playing that kind of defense. It’s something to work on and that’s exciting.”

The Heat allowed 72 points near the basket in their win over the Nuggets.

Denver shot 51.8 percent Saturday and out-rebounded the Heat 47-32.

“Offensively we were ahead of we were defensively,” Dwyane Wade said. “We had guys we had to incorporate into the lineup and as you get stronger and in better shape, you get better on defense.

“Once we start making more rotations, it will get better. Right now we have to work it.”

Via Andre C. Fernandez/Miami Herald

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