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Magic Talk Over Concerns With Effort, Accountability, Roles

Following a lackluster 110-89 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, the Orlando Magic openly acknowledged concerns with the team’s effort, accountability and ability to define roles. On Thursday, coaches and players held a team meeting where they discussed those issues.

Magic coach Jacque Vaughn welcomed seeing his players hold each other accountable.

"I think we still need to find out who's our guys and who's not our guys," said Glen Davis, who most likely initiated the meeting along with Arron Afflalo. "Then everybody can kind of move on. At the same time, we need to grow. We need to find out who's our energy guy, who's our vocal guy.

"At times like this, we really need to bite down and check each other … and see what we can all do to make this team better."

While the meeting was productive, the Magic believe they are still working to mesh as a team. J.J. Redick understands building chemistry will take time, but he also doesn’t want that to affect the Magic’s effort.

"The goal is to get better every day, and we took a step back, and that's just unacceptable because we can't have steps back,” Redick said.

Via Brian Schmitz/Orlando Sentinel

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