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Bynum Remains Out Indefinitely, Approved To Elevate Training

Andrew Bynum is still out indefinitely, but the bone bruises in his knees are healing and his weakened cartilage is improving, according to Tony DiLeo.

Bynum has also been approved by the Philadelphia 76ers to increase his activity level.

"The report is his knees are healing. He is improving," DiLeo told reporters. "He has been approved to increase his activity level. There is still no timetable. It all depends on how his body reacts to the increased activity."

The 76ers are waiting to see how Bynum feels during his elevated activity.

"If [Bynum's knees] react well, we go to the next step," DiLeo said. "Once his knees react in a positive way, we will go on to phase two. Obviously, it's not something we want to rush."

Via Matt Mullin/Philly.com

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