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Heat Hope To Find Better Consistency In 2013

The Miami Heat showed a sense of desperation as they closed out 2012 by avoiding a 1-3 record on their four-game road trip. The Heat needed an overtime session to defeat the Magic on New Year's Eve.

Miami had previously lost at the Pistons and Bucks.

“No matter who you’re playing, who’s in the uniform, you’ve got to fight for every win in this league, particularly on the road,” Spoelstra said. “Consistency, we definitely have to work on that. We’re capable of it. Again, we’re looking forward to 2013, and the consistency is hopefully right around the corner for us.”

Spoelstra said the focus of the team must be on its own play and not who is on the other side of the court.

“It’s a whole new season and a whole new trophy everyone is trying to win,” Spoelstra said. “We’re trying to get our game right and play at an elite level consistently. We’ve shown that at times, but we’re not quite there. We have time to improve.”

Via Andre C. Fernandez/Miami Herald

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