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Rockets Don't Expect Resolution With Royce White Until Offseason

Royce White wants the NBA, the National Basketball Players Association, the Rockets and himself to sign a document detailing his wishes for the mental health protocol. White has informed the Rockets that he won't report to the team until all parties sign the document.

The signing of such a document is banned under the current terms of the NBA collective bargaining agreement.

According to the uniform player contract detailed in the CBA, "no amendments to the form of the Uniform Player Contract provided for by Section 1 of this Article shall be permitted," and if a team or player agree on such an amendment, "such Contract or subsequent amendment, as the case may be, shall be disapproved by the Commissioner, and consequently, rendered null and void."

Despite a frustrating and sometimes contentious few months, the Rockets continue to want White part of their program.

The Rockets suspended White on Sunday and are expecting a resolution to be unlikely until the offseason.

Via Jeff Zillgitt/USA Today

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