The way in which Mark Jackson mixes his role as head coach of the Golden State Warriors with his ubiquitous Christian faith has been a topic of media conversation in recent days following a story by Mercury News' beat writer Marcus Thompson III that was referenced during ESPN's telecast of Game 1.

The Warriors have several players who identify themselves as Christians, most notably team leaders Stephen Curry and David Lee.

Jackson was asked on Thursday whether he treats non-Christian players equally.

"(Jesus) didn't just hang around a bunch of Christians," said Jackson. "He hung around everybody."

The response echoed what he told Thompson.

"It's who I am," Jackson said. "I've watched people overcome, I've watched people accomplish, I've watched people bounce back -- all because of the Word. I've watched it work powerfully in my life. Why not use it? If I can use John Wooden's seven steps, then why can't I use Christ's words?"

Last year, Jackson was the victim of an extortion plot last year with a former stripper he admittedly had an extramarital affair with. Jackson also brought a close friend named Warren Braithwaite, who was later arrested on drug-trafficking charges, to the press conference in which he was introduced as head coach of the Warriors.