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Petrie Preparing For Kings' Draft, Hasn't Heard From Ranadive's Group

The Sacramento Kings have been sold to Vivek Ranadive, which makes the status of Geoff Petrie as basketball president an unknown.

Petrie is preparing for the 2013 NBA Draft as though he will still be the Kings' decision-maker. Petrie is signed through the end of June.

"I haven't had the opportunity to talk to anybody yet (from Ranadive's group)," said Petrie. "But my understanding is the sale probably won't officially close for a couple more weeks. How that plays into communication, I really don't know at this point."

The Kings need a point guard and also must plan a strategy for Tyreke Evans' restricted free agency.

"You're closing in on some planning, just structural, ownership-driven involvement that will have to happen in a much more compressed time frame here," Petrie said.

Via Jason Jones/Sacramento Bee
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