Bradley Beal is still not medically cleared to play more than three months after he was diagnosed with a stress injury in his right fibula.

Beal will not participate on the Washington Wizards' Summer League team, as well as Team USA's minicamp.

“It’s definitely tough, not being able to work out for 12 weeks or whatever it was, and now I’m actually starting to get into it. Gradually I’ll work my way back into it, and hopefully I’ll be back in no time,” Beal said. “It’s definitely going to be a slow progression, and it’s still a little pain on the touch, but as far as hurting when I’m running, it doesn’t hurt at all and jumping at all. But I’m still going to take my time because it might come back on me.”

Beal has used the time to watch film of last season and to find areas of his game he needs to correct.

“A lot of things I have to improve on, including my shot. A lot of times, my balance isn’t right and certain little things I’m not doing right, like my ballhandling. Definitely working on my ballhandling, and pick and roll, and helping John out, and being able to create in [isolation] situations, and being able to create my own shot and get to the basket as well,” Beal said. He added that he has watched film “in the past. I’ve done it since high school and I did it in college as well. It’s something that helps you get better, helps you think the game, become a lot more intelligent and it makes the game easier for you.”