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Holiday Hopes Team USA Accelerates Familiarity With Davis, Anderson

Jrue Holiday is hoping to become more familiar with Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson during the three-day Team USA training camp in Las Vegas.

Holiday was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans this offseason.

"Honestly, I'd like (this week) it to bring me closer to a lot of players," Holiday said. "These are some of the best players in the league and I'd like to become closer with them, closer to the coaches. I think that way I can learn more and I can become a better player.

"It's awesome, obviously, that Monty (Williams, the Pelicans' coach) is here, Ryan (Anderson) and A.D. (Anthony Davis) and (Pelicans assistant) Randy Ayers. It's cool to see that my team is actually doing the right things."

Via Jimmy Smith/Times-Picayune
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