Kevin McHale wants Dwight Howard to prioritize his speed and quickness offensively.

McHale helped organize workouts with Howard at the Toyota Center in Houston this week.

"It's a lot of hard work,” Howard said. “The biggest thing that he's been telling me this whole time, use your speed, your quickness and then your power. He's been really studying a lot of my games  and I've been doing a lot of studying myself.

"Like Kevin has said, it starts with me. I have to do what I can on both ends of the floor to dominate and that's what I'm working on now, is getting my timing, my speed, my strength and all of that stuff back so I can dominate all year.”

Howard already knows he and Harden will work well together.

"I think we're going to be great," Howard said. "We have an opportunity to grow and that's the biggest thing. We have an opportunity for four or five years to really make an impact in this league together as a duo.

"We're looking forward to doing the best we can to bring a championship here to Houston."