Greg Stiemsma has not received word about Monty Williams' plan with the rotation of the New Orleans Pelicans, but the big man wants to emerge as the starting center alongside Anthony Davis.

"I’m going to look at this as a great opportunity to start a lot of games,’’ Stiemsma said on Tuesday. ``That’s the mindset I have going into the camp that somebody is going have to take that away from me. Obviously, I’m not a go-to scorer, but I can definitely hold my own on every offense I’ve played in. My defensive presence is going to be what this team is going to need.’’

Several players on the Pelicans, including Stiemsma, have gathered for workouts ahead of training camp.

Stiemsma has started 22 of 131 career NBA games.

Stiemsma signed a one-year, $2.7 million deal with the Pelicans.