With many NBA teams allowing themselves to get especially bad for the 13-14 season, Kevin Durant recently spoke of his experience for a bad Seattle SuperSoincs' team during his rookie season.

“It was tough for me especially coming in as a young player,” Durant said when asked about his experience dealing with the process. “I thought I was going to play with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis when they were all-star every year.”

The Sonics were rebuilding their roster with the hope of assembling a talented, young team around Durant.

“Every game it was tough knowing that it was going to be hard for us to win,” Durant said. “But what we did was come in and work hard every day, and know that it was going to be a process and maybe a tough year.”

The Sonics had the second worst record that season behind the Miami Heat, which allowed them to draft Russell Westbrook with the fourth overall pick.