Brett Brown's first head coaching job is a less than ideal situation as the Philadelphia 76ers begin an aggressive rebuilding process.

The 76ers traded away their best player in Jrue Holiday before Brown was hired.

"I needed to feel good and secure that the ownership group was committed and had a plan, and Sam (Hinkie) was going to the be the architect of that plan, capable of delivering that plan," Brown said. "When he combines his obvious analytic background with some human things, you can make decisions about personnel. I believed in his vision. When you talked to the ownership group and you heard the level of patience that they're committed to, that they have traded away Holiday, that they're looking to build something big in this city."

"He has a workmanlike approach that's infectious," Hinkie said of Brown. "Regardless of what happens in today's practice, or what happened in yesterday's game, to show up to work the next day and get to work all over again. And he's also really inquisitive. He has strong beliefs about the way the game should be played, but he's also curious about the way that other coaches have chosen to play things. He takes an open-minded look at an out of bounds play from a FIBA game the night before. Or paying attention to a low level Division III game that happened to be on TV the night before."