Andre Drummond has had his minutes increase significantly this season after he was used with extreme caution as a rookie by Lawrence Frank.

Drummond is averaging 37 minutes per game and played 48 minutes last week in an overtime loss by the Detroit Pistons to the Memphis Grizzlies.

"I'm very well conditioned, you know, so just playing those amount of minutes, each and every night, it's fun for me," Drummond said.  "I get to work on parts of my game and be on the floor with the guys, too.  So it's great.  It's something for me to learn how to get used to is almost what it is."

Drummond isn't pacing himself during his minutes.

"If I get tired, it's as simple as taking me out -- I need a few minutes," Drummond said.  "But I rarely get tired on the floor, unless it's a stretch where we're just constantly back and forth.  But other than that, I'm in great condition, I'm feeling great, my body's feeling great."