One of the most intriguing regular seasons in recent memory has come to a close and this becomes our final power rankings for 2010-11. The Bulls went from 16th to first, Cleveland went from first to 30th and the Heat jumped from 12th to second.
In order to determine my team rankings, I calculate the difference between a team's own FIC per game and their opponents' FIC for the entire season.

The FIC is a single statistical measurement that encompasses things such as scoring efficiency, rebounding, blocked shots, etc. Its purpose is to combine the box score into one statistic, both on a team level and for players.  

1. Chicago Bulls: 15.5

The Bulls ranked first in eFG% allowed and were nearly equally strong on the glass, which allowed the offense of Derrick Rose to put them first in the NBA in wins on the season.

2. Miami Heat: 13.7

Despite severe changes in usage, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were still ranked first and third respectively in PER.

3. Boston Celtics: 13.2  

The Celtics had an identical defensive rating (100.3) and Pace (90.4) as the Bulls, but were 2.1 points per 100 possessions less efficient on offense.

4. San Antonio Spurs: 10.9  

The Spurs were ranked second in offensive efficiency and 11th on the defensive side, which is a decided change from the brand of basketball we have grown accustomed over the past decade and a half.

5. Los Angeles Lakers: 10.3  

The Lakers were ranked sixth in both offense and defense in a season in which Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol were much better than they received attention for nationally.

6. Dallas Mavericks: 9.8  

Even though the Mavericks are completely built around Dirk Nowitzki, it is impossible for me to fathom where they would be without the surprising impact of Tyson Chandler.

7. Orlando Magic: 9.3  

Dwight Howard had another extremely encouraging breakthrough offensively this season, but he'll need to dominate throughout an entire late playoff series and late into the fourth quarter before he finally receives the full respect he deserves.

8. Oklahoma City Thunder: 7.8  

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had an identical PER of 23.6.

9. Portland Trail Blazers: 5.6  

LaMarcus Aldridge finished the season 11th in Win Shares carrying the Blazers on his back for the better part of another injury-ravaged season.

10. Houston Rockets: 5.2  

By a wide margin, the Rockets were the best team not to reach the postseason and almost certainly will get over the hump in 11-12 even if they don't make a major move by consolidating their roster.

11. Denver Nuggets: 4.8  

Nobody saw it coming when the Nuggets were able to thrive without Carmelo Anthony and it will be fascinating to see how their style of basketball translates in the playoffs.

12. Memphis Grizzlies: 4.0  

Zach Randolph averaged better than 20 points per game for the fourth time in five seasons and also eclipsed the 12 boards per night barrier for the first time in his career.

13. Philadelphia 76ers: 2.9  

The Sixers featured excellent perimeter defense and held opponents to just 34.0% shooting from beyond the arc.

14. New Orleans Hornets: 2.1  

The Hornets were a somewhat surprising 16th in assist rate during the season as they were a better team on the defensive end of the floor.

15. New York Knicks: 1.7  

His efficiency was down a little bit, but there is no denying Amar'e Stoudemire had a higher impact season with the Knicks than he had with Phoenix since 07-08.

16. Utah Jazz: 0.4  

I didn't see either of Utah's big changes coming, first Jerry Sloan's resignation and then the Deron Williams' trade. Their offseason will be one of the more fascinating as they have multiple lottery picks and will look to consolidate their glut of power forwards.

17. Milwaukee Bucks: -1.3  

Injuries derailed Milwaukee's chances of returning to the playoffs, but the money spent on the veteran acquisitions hardly seemed well-spent in Year 1. The Bucks absolutely must improve on offense.

18. Atlanta Hawks :-2.1  

This is a low ranking for a team that won 44 games, but the FIC has never been too fond of the Hawks.

19. Phoenix Suns: -2.8  

Even though the record doesn't reflect it, the eyeball test and his 53.1 assist rate goes a long way in suggesting Steve Nash has never accomplished more with less than he did in 10-11.

20. Indiana Pacers: -2.8  

The Pacers had an excellent second half after making one of the best midseason coaching changes in recent history in replacing Jim O'Brien for Frank Vogel.

21. Los Angeles Clippers: -4.7

While this season was all about presenting the debut of Blake Griffin and that went better than expected, the emergence of Eric Gordon as a high-volume scorer and DeAndre Jordan as an athletic disruptor gives the Clippers legitimate reason to believe they are a small forward away from being a legitimate contender. 

22. Charlotte Bobcats: -6.2  

D.J. Augustin led the Bobcats in PER amongst players who appeared in at least 1,000 minutes at a very modest 15.9.

23. Golden State Warriors: -7.3  

Even though he had a season that many deemed as a disappointment, Stephen Curry upped his PER from 16.3 to 19.4 and would be a lot easier to build around long-term than backcourt mate Monta Ellis.

24. Detroit Pistons: -8.9  

Greg Monroe had an underrated productive rookie season, as he scored, passed and rebounded at promising rates.

25. Sacramento Kings: -9.4  

The Kings ranked first in the NBA in offensive rebound percentage, ahead of the second ranked Wolves.

26. New Jersey Nets :-11.6  

The Nets were able to dramatically improve by way of their trade for Deron Williams, but still need a lot more help on the perimeter to make their team a contender.

27. Toronto Raptors: -11.9  

This was unquestionably a long season, but they are the right player in the 2011 NBA Draft and one shrewd trade away from making a play for the seventh or eighth seed in 2012.

28. Washington Wizards: -13.9  

If John Wall increases his scoring efficiency and decreases his turnovers, we are looking at a fringe All-Star as soon as 11-12 despite the glut of Eastern Conference point guards. Both should improve naturally by Wall getting healthy and by reshaping the team culture.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves: -16.2  

David Kahn always delivers an intriguing offseason and this one will be especially interesting due to the Ricky Rubio situation, a potential trade of Jonny Flynn and how he manages to pair Kevin Love with the appropriate center.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers: -18.3 

A rough season but the Cavaliers had a few signature wins, including victories over both the Lakers and Heat. They were 29th in both offense and defense, which is hardly a recipe for success but their pair of lottery picks in 2011 offer legitimate promise.