Here are the League Pass must-watch games of the third week of the NBA season.


Bucks @ 76ers: Jrue Holiday vs. Brandon Jennings in a battle of two of the more underappreciated young point guards in the NBA today. Jennings has been on an absolute tear so far this season, but Holiday has the physical tools to make life incredibly difficult for him. Plus, any game with Spencer Hawes, Monta Ellis and Nick Young has to be entertaining.

Heat @ Rockets: Likely not one to follow the entire time but a game to keep an eye on throughout the night. Jeremy Lin and James Harden are not enough to give Miami cold sweats by themselves, but I want to see how Omer Asik fits in against a team that does not have a traditional center on the floor most of the time.

Hawks @ Blazers: One of those strange matchups that could be interesting with Portland having the homecourt advantage. I am interested to see how Atlanta defends LaMarcus Aldridge considering their big man talent. Would love to see Josh Smith get some quality minutes on him to see how it works out. 


Wizards @ Bobcats: Just Kidding

Raptors @ Pacers: Roy Hibbert and Jonas Valanciunas battle in what should be an incredibly fun game. The Pacers are still trying to find themselves without Danny Granger, while the Raptors have shown some feistiness despite their subpar record.


Jazz @ Celtics: One of the better tests for the deep Utah frontcourt and the giant pile of question marks they have at the guard spots. Look for Jason Terry to be a major factor here.

Hornets @ Rockets: Another Rockets' game that could get ugly, this time for them and not their opponent. As my preseason #1 League Pass team, the Hornets have not disappointed when they have been healthy, particularly Anthony Davis’ strong performance against the Bobcats on Friday.

Hawks @ Warriors: This one makes the list mostly to see how silly Josh Smith can make David Lee look. Should be fun to watch Stephen Curry go against Jeff Teague as well.


Knicks @ Spurs [Game of the Week]: One of those rare Thursday nights when I am more interested in the non-national game than the two TNT ones. The Knicks have been one of the early feel-good stories in the league while the Spurs have been entertaining thus far. The Carmelo at PF experiment takes a compelling test in this one. 


Mavericks @ Pacers: Darren Collison going back to the team that traded him for a free agent could yield some nice fireworks. I am excited to see how George Hill and Collison handle each other since they have so much practice experience against one another. Paul George needs to show a little something more here in order for the Pacers to get a much-needed win.

Thunder @ Hornets: Anthony Davis and Serge Ibaka. Worth it just for that.

Rockets @ Blazers: Two of my early non-national favorites go at it in a game worth keeping an eye on if you’re home on a Friday night. Damian Lillard and Jeremy Lin should be incredibly watchable on both sides of the ball here and I would love to see some Meyers Leonard as well.


Raptors @ Celtics: Rajon Rondo and Kyle Lowry are interesting foils for each other while the swingmen should have plenty of battles as well. As always, NNGW rookie favorite Jonas Valanciunas should be must-see as well.

Nuggets @ Spurs: A potential playoff preview and two teams that have been fun thus far in 2012-2013. Tony Parker vs. Ty Lawson and Andre Iguodala guarding whoever they put him on make this one worth the price of admission. 


Nets @ Kings: One to keep an eye on if only to see if DeMarcus Cousins can make Brook Lopez cry. Let’s hope we get to see some quality minutes with Isaiah Thomas guarding Deron Williams just to see how that works.

Rockets @ Lakers: Potentially one of the earliest games with whatever coach the Lakers end up with and a fun little reminder of the Chris Paul trade that will never be.