Wizards @ Raptors: Considering the Wizards played two of the more exciting games of the last week, it seems like a good idea to put this one on the list. On top of that, we get to see how these teams fare after facing each other so recently in DC (where the Raptors won).

Lakers @ Nuggets: One of those games that could be both significant and fun. The Lakers played an awfully entertaining game on Sunday and Denver’s system makes for entertainment by virtue of its design. Plus, Iggy vs. Kobe when the Lakers have the ball should be worth watching.


Warriors @ Pacers: A game that provides an interesting test for both teams since they have different strengths and weaknesses. Paul George, Roy Hibbert and the Pacers defense will have a challenge with Golden State’s shooters even though the Warriors have run into a rough patch the last few weeks, particularly against quality teams.


Bucks @ Rockets: Possibly the two most entertaining backcourts in the entire league. That’s all the sales pitch necessary.

Hawks @ Jazz: We need to understand where each of these two teams actually stands in the scope of their conference, so why not both at the same time? Josh Smith seemed to take some strides right before the deadline and now is the time to see if that will continue until his free agency this summer.


Clippers @ Pacers [Game of the Week]: I love it when the NNGW Game of the Week takes place on a night when all of the other games air on national TV. Each of these teams has a legitimate claim to the title of most dangerous team in their conference to the squad currently on top (though there are other contenders, of course) and we still have to see how the team adapts to Danny Granger’s return.


Clippers @ Cavaliers: Even if this one does not stay close forever, we get to see Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving hold court against each other.


Nets @ Bulls: If the Nets want to be taken seriously as a threat to winning a series or two in the playoffs, they’ll need to win a game or two like this. It should be exciting to see how Joakim Noah and the Bulls defend Brook Lopez, a big man somewhat different than most of the current Centers in the league.


Hawks @ Lakers: Pretty self-explanatory even without the fun of seeing Steve Nash try to guard Jeff Teague. Also, seeing Al Horford and Dwight Howard go at it again should be fun, for old time’s sake.