The 2014 NBA Draft class has been highly anticipated for several years, especially in the wake of last year’s relatively disappointing crop of prospects. Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker have the potential to become superstars at the next level, while a host of starter, rotation and potentially All-Star level players are available in Lottery range.

Doug McDermott, who represents a dying breed of four-year college players entering the NBA, took a few moments on Wednesday to look the historical impact the 2014 NBA Draft may have down the line.

“It's going to rank up there as one of the best, I think,” McDermott said when RealGM asked where the class will rank overall. "Obviously that one back with LeBron, Melo and that group will probably be the best one we’ve ever seen when it’s all over, but this one is just so deep.”

McDermott added that some special talent might been be available in the latter half of the draft as well.

"There’s so much value, even in the second round,” he surmised. "Teams are going to get a really good player in the second round that maybe would have gone in the first round last year.”

McDermott came away impressed with some of the players he worked out against in auditions for teams leading up to the draft.

"Aaron Gordon and I went up against each other I lot. We went up against each other in L.A. and Boston, and then Nik Stauskas too. Just being with him every single day, it’s been very competitive,” McDermott said. "T.J. Warren as well. He scores the ball with ease, he’s a really good player too.”

Perhaps more aware of the nature of the beast than some of his fellow prospects, McDermott acknowledged that over the next 24 hours the shape the draft takes could change. He truly doesn’t know how high he could go, or how low he could fall.

"I’d say anywhere from eight to 15, 16. You never know though, so many trades can happen and I could slide further.”