International Daily Leaders

Top 25 International Performances on Aug. 14, 2019

* Based on the FIC formula.

FIC (Floor Impact Counter): A formula to encompass all aspects of the box score into a single statistic. The intent of the statistic is similar to other efficiency stats, but assists, shot creation and offensive rebounding are given greater importance. Created by Chris Reina in 2007.
Formula: (Points + ORB. + 0.75 DRB + AST + STL + BLK 0.75 FGA 0.375 FTA TO 0.5 PF)

1Chris McCulloughSan Miguel Beermen48:001328158973715224133528.4
2Dorian PinsonNiagara River Lions33:32101323222338116302428.0
3Terrence JonesTalk N Text Tropang Texters48:001333310687498178243527.2
4Sam MuldrowNiagara River Lions31:587135822242680052118.0
5Ricky TarrantHamilton Honey Badgers32:49611361111151343102617.4
6Terrence RomeoSan Miguel Beermen32:358144923000005002215.4
7June Mar FajardoSan Miguel Beermen29:1271100234247111021613.9
8Xavier Rathan-MayesHamilton Honey Badgers33:516141300111236301312.5
9Roger Ray PogoyTalk N Text Tropang Texters37:20474600141450221211.8
10Ryan AndersonNiagara River Lions21:157135912210222102011.5
11Demetrius Denzel-DysonHamilton Honey Badgers31:488183712311891102011.2
12Jeth Troy RosarioTalk N Text Tropang Texters39:297142600152681101610.5
13Michael FraserHamilton Honey Badgers27:29240048437411103810.5
14Alex JohnsonNiagara River Lions18:5635121110134400810.1
15Murphy BurnatowskiHamilton Honey Badgers25:0139362214033510118.8
16Jayson Castro WilliamTalk N Text Tropang Texters40:257164100043145400188.5
17Von PessumalSan Miguel Beermen27:063715220012302097.5
18Guillaume BoucardNiagara River Lions34:14415013403336500117.0
19Chris RossSan Miguel Beermen42:062814222204442076.2
20Trae Bell-HaynesNiagara River Lions21:0447003434011420116.0
21Christian StandhardingerSan Miguel Beermen15:011300220321311044.2
22Alex CabagnotSan Miguel Beermen32:402902000103323044.0
23Yohanny DalembertNiagara River Lions8:021200003130321124.0
24Joe RoccaHamilton Honey Badgers13:524903000111201083.5
25Nemanja MitrovicNiagara River Lions24:083814001202230073.5

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