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Casper Ware Opts Out Of NBL Deal With Sydney Kings

May 4, 2020 12:42 PM

Casper Ware has opted out of his NBL deal with the Sydney Kings. 

Ware was the highest paid import in the NBL this past season, but would have seen his 20-21 salary cut by 50 percent due to COVID-19 measures.

The new agreement allowed players to opt out of their respective contracts before a May 4 deadline.

Ware began his NBL career with Melbourne United in 2016.

Olgun Uluc/ESPN

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NBL MVP Bryce Cotton Opts Out Of Contract

Apr 30, 2020 1:31 AM

Bryce Cotton, the reigning NBL MVP and Grand Final MVP, opted out of his contract with the Perth Wildcats.

Cotton, whose over-$200,000 salary would have been cut in half, cited the effects of recent salary-cutting measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances that have unfolded which none of us could've predicted, it is in me and my family's best interest to opt out of my contract. Regardless, I'll always be a Wildcat at heart in my eyes and I hope you all feel the same way. "I had so much fun here and hope you all enjoyed these past 3 1/2 seasons as much as I did," released Cotton in a statement.

The 27-year-old Cotton averaged 22.9 points per game last season.

Other players earning over $200,000, including Casper Ware, are also considering opting out of their current deals.

Olgun Uluc/ESPN

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NBL Commissioner: LaMelo Ball Is One Of Many Potential Buyers Of Illawarra Hawks

Apr 5, 2020 5:06 PM

NBL commissioner Jeremy Loeliger cleared the air over recent rumors that LaMelo Ball and his business partner Jermaine Jackson purchased the Illawarra Hawks, calling Jackson's comments an "honest mistake."

Jackson announced the purchase of Ball's former club before the story was retracted by the Hawks' current sponsor Tory Lavalle.

"It was a bit of misunderstanding and a miscommunication and I don't think there was any malice intended. I don't think anyone was trying to leverage the situation. I think it just snowballed and it got a little bit out of control but we've all had conversations and there's certainly no bad blood out there between anyone," said Loeliger.

The NBL took back the license for the Hawks from previous owners Simon and Wendy Stratford.

Loeliger added that several people are in the mix to purchase the club, including Ball and Jackson.

"There are a number of parties interested in ownership, either in part or whole, including LaMelo Ball and his management, and Jermaine Jackson in particular. We're continuing to have discussions with them, which is great, but there are plenty of others in the background also."


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Sale Of Illawarra Hawks To LaMelo Ball Not Yet Complete

Apr 3, 2020 1:19 AM

The sale of the Illawarra Hawks to LaMelo Ball and his manager Jermaine Jackson is not yet complete, according to Australia's NBL.

Ball and Jackson said that they purchased the team on Thursday. 

The NBL did confirm that there were talks surrounding the sale of the team.

The league stated that it has "final approval of any transfer of license," and that they have yet to receive an application for the transfer.

The NBL announced that it was working with Simon Stratford, the current holder of the Hawks' team license, on "a number of options for what we hope will be a fruitful outcome for Illawarra and the NBL."

Jonathan Givony/ESPN

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LeMelo Ball Ends His Season In Australia

Jan 16, 2020 4:40 AM

Potential top draft pick LaMelo Ball is reportedly done with the Australian NBL, Olgun Uluc from Fox Sports Australia has tweeted.

Uluc wrote that he received the information directly from Ball's agent, Jermaine Jackson. Jackson has been in Australia with Ball working him out before the stand out guard inured his foot in early December. Initially it was reported that Ball would miss four weeks, and he has been a fixture on the Illawarra Hawk's bench during games wearing a moon boot.

Ball made headlines after recording back to back triple doubles before being injured during practice. His team currently sits bottom of the Australian NBL ladder with a 5-17 record, having already been eliminated from post-season action.

Fox Sports Australia

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NBL Game Between RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball Draws 1.9 Million Facebook Views

Oct 26, 2019 11:53 AM

Thursday night's game between the SKY Sport New Zealand Breakers and Illawarra Hawks became the most watched NBL game in league history with 1.9 million Facebook streams.

The game featured RJ Hampton and LaMelo Ball.

There was an estimated 5 million views on highlight packages shared through social media.

“It reinforces the NBL’s status as the second best domestic basketball league in the world and our commitment to make the game available to more people to watch when and how they choose across different platforms as we continue to grow our audience across Australia and globally," added NBL executive chairman Larry Kestelman. 


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LaMelo Ball Could Receive Consideration As No. 1 Overall Pick In 2020 NBA Draft

Sep 25, 2019 3:21 PM

The opinion of LaMelo Ball within NBA circles has reportedly changed following his recent performance in the NBL preseason.

Ball had 19 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists against the defending-chamipion Perth Wildcats.

"If he keeps this up, I don't see any way he isn't in the conversation for the No. 1 overall pick," one NBA executive told ESPN. "He completely changed my perception of the type of prospect he is, and all of the background info I gathered here from his coaches and teammates paint a very different story of what I thought about him off the court as well."

"He reminds me of Luka Doncic," a scout said. "Just in terms of his size, his feel and his creativity."

Ball also displayed an ability to control the game.

"He plays with incredible pace. He's never sped up. He's never rattled by anything that's thrown at him," the same scout said. "You're expecting something magical to happen every time he has the ball. He sees everything. He can make every pass with either hand off a live dribble. His style of play is tailor-made for the NBA game, especially if you surround him with shooting and better finishers."

Former NBA player Jermaine Jackson has taken over most of the responsibilities involved in managing LaMelo as his trainer and mentor.

Jonathan Givony/ESPN

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