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Top 25 NBA Performances on Feb. 18, 1978

* Based on the FIC formula.

FIC (Floor Impact Counter): A formula to encompass all aspects of the box score into a single statistic. The intent of the statistic is similar to other efficiency stats, but assists, shot creation and offensive rebounding are given greater importance. Created by Chris Reina in 2007.
Formula: (Points + ORB. + 0.75 DRB + AST + STL + BLK 0.75 FGA 0.375 FTA TO 0.5 PF)

1George GervinSAS0:0017034000000003735.5
2John DrewATL0:001201719000000004133.9
3Bob McAdooNYK0:0015035000000003331.1
4Calvin MurphyHOU0:0013056000000003128.8
5Randy SmithBUF0:00100911000000002924.9
6Paul WestphalPHX0:0010066000000002623.8
7Billy PaultzSAS0:0011034000000002523.5
8Walter DavisPHX0:0011035000000002523.1
9Ron BooneKCK0:0080910000000002521.2
10Billy KnightBUF0:009056000000002320.8
11Ricky SobersIND0:009045000000002220.1
12Mike NewlinHOU0:008078000000002320.0
13Steve SheppardCHI0:008066000000002219.8
14Moses MaloneHOU0:0080812000000002419.5
15Lonnie SheltonNYK0:009036000000002118.8
16Swen NaterBUF0:008044000000002018.5
17Marvin BarnesBUF0:0010034060000002318.5
18Artis GilmoreCHI0:009037000000002118.4
19Elmore SmithCLE0:008046000000002017.8
20Campy RussellCLE0:007079000000002117.6
21Earl TatumIND0:0010012060000002117.2
22John LucasHOU0:008022000000001817.2
23James EdwardsIND0:007068000000002017.0
24Don BusePHX0:008000000000001616.0
25Jim ChonesCLE0:007034000000001715.5

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