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NBA Announces Free Agency Will Begin On June 30th At 6 PM EST

May 24, 2019 12:10 PM

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced today an agreement to modify the time at which teams can begin negotiating with free agents. 

Teams and players will now be permitted to begin free agent negotiations at 6 p.m. ET on June 30 – six hours earlier than the previous start time of 12:01 a.m. ET on July 1. 

By league rules, teams also will be permitted to communicate with free agents or their representatives beginning at 6 p.m. ET on June 29 solely for the purpose of scheduling a meeting to take place at or after 6 p.m. ET on June 30.

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Neil Olshey Agrees To Extension With Blazers Through 23-24

May 24, 2019 3:20 PM

The Portland Trail Blazers have signed Neil Olshey to a contract extension through the 23-24 season. Olshey was linked with the Washington Wizards' opening with a report on Thursday.

Olshey was hired by the Blazers in 2012.

Terry Stotts also signed an extension this week.

The future of Blazers' ownership is uncertain following the passing of Paul Allen last October.

Damian Lillard is eligible for a supermax extension this offseason as well.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

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Wizards Essentially Rule Out Feasibility Of Hiring Masai Ujiri

May 24, 2019 10:43 AM

The Washington Wizards didn't gain any traction with the possibility of hiring Masai Ujiri to run their front office.

There was a report earlier in the Wizards' search that Ujiri could have some level of interest in the Wizards' job.

The expectations of high salary demands and the necessary compensation to free Ujiri from the Raptors makes a move for him prohibitive.

The Raptors are now one game away from reaching The Finals.

Ben Standig/NBC Sports

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Tim Connelly Seriously Considered Leaving Nuggets For Wizards

May 24, 2019 10:34 AM

Tim Connelly seriously considered a contract offer from the Washington Wizards before ultimately deciding to remain with the Denver Nuggets.

Connelly and his wife are from the Washington D.C. area, which made the job particularly attractive to him.

Connelly met with the Wizards last week.

Ben Standig/NBC Sports

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LeBron James Has Been Recruiting Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler

May 23, 2019 9:12 PM

LeBron James has begun his recruiting efforts to bolster the Los Angeles Lakers' roster this offseason in free agency.

The Lakers enter the offseason widely considered a longshot to sign someone on the level of Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant.

"From what I understand, he has already begun the recruiting process," said Brian Windhorst. "I have heard he has had contact with Kawhi Leonard. I have heard he has had contact with Jimmy Butler. There's no tampering enforcement by players. While Magic Johnson, the guy who got trouble for tampering before is no longer there, LeBron is tamperer-in-chief of the Lakers right now. The thing about it is, I don't know if texts and calls and maybe a dinner with LeBron is enough for the Lakers to overcome the hurdles they're going to have.

"I just don't think the Lakers can be choosy. To be honest, I think the Lakers really have to look at the trade market. Would they be willing to make an offer Bradley Beal? Would they be willing to make an offer for a guy like DeMar Rozan who could possibly be on the trade block depending on whether the Spurs want to extend his contract? Would they be willing to wait for Anthony Davis a year from now?"

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Giannis, Curry, Harden, Giannis, George Named To All-NBA First Team

May 23, 2019 2:18 PM

The NBA has announced their 2018-19 All-NBA Teams.


Position | Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total | All-NBA Selections

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee | 100 | -- | -- | 500 | 3 (one 1st, two 2nd)
James Harden, Houston | 100 | -- |  -- |  500 | 6 (five 1st, one 3rd)
Stephen Curry, Golden State | 91 | 9 | -- | 482 | 6 (three 1st, two 2nd, one 3rd)
Paul George, Oklahoma City |  71 | 25 | 3 | 433 | 5 (one 1st, four 3rd)
Nikola Jokić, Denver | 59 | 38 | 2 | 411 | 1


Position | Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total | All-NBA Selections

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia | 40 | 57 | 4 | 375 | 2 (two 2nd)
Kevin Durant, Golden State | 29 | 71 | -- | 358 | 9 (six 1st, three 2nd)
Damian Lillard, Portland | 8 | 87 | 5 | 306 | 4 (one 1st, two 2nd, one 3rd)
Kawhi Leonard, Toronto | -- | 73 | 23 | 242 | 3 (two 1st, one 2nd)
Kyrie Irving, Boston | -- | 52 | 39 | 195 | 2 (one 2nd, one 3rd)


Position | Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total | All-NBA Selections

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City | 1 | 43 | 44 | 178 | 8 (two 1st, five 2nd, one 3rd)
Blake Griffin, Detroit | -- | 13 | 76 | 115 | 5 (three 2nd, two 3rd)
LeBron James, L.A. Lakers | -- | 13 | 72 | 111 | 15 (12 1st, two 2nd, one 3rd)
Rudy Gobert, Utah | 1 | 5 | 69 | 89 | 2 (one 2nd, one 3rd)
Kemba Walker, Charlotte | -- | 4 | 39 | 51 | 1

Below are the other players who received votes for the 2018-19 All-NBA Teams, listed by the position at which they received the most votes.


Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total

Bradley Beal, Washington | -- | 1 | 31 | 34
Klay Thompson, Golden State | -- | 3 | 18 | 27
Ben Simmons, Philadelphia | -- | -- | 7 | 7
Mike Conley, Memphis | -- | -- | 4 | 4
Donovan Mitchell, Utah | -- | -- | 4 | 4
DeMar DeRozan, San Antonio | -- | -- | 3 | 3
D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn | -- | -- | 3 | 3
Dwyane Wade, Miami | -- | 1 | -- | 3
Devin Booker, Phoenix  | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Eric Gordon, Houston | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Jrue Holiday, New Orleans | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Kyle Lowry, Toronto | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Lou Williams, LA Clippers | -- | -- | 1 | 


Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total

LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio | -- | 2 | 11 | 17
Danilo Gallinari, LA Clippers | -- | 1 | 4 | 7
Pascal Siakam, Toronto | -- | -- | 4 | 4
Luka Donĉić, Dallas | -- | 1| -- | 3
Tobias Harris, Philadelphia | -- | -- | 2 | 2
Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Domantas Sabonis, Indiana | -- | -- | 1 | 1


Player, Team | 1st Team (5 Pts.) | 2nd Team (3 Pts.) | 3rd Team (1 Pt.) | Total

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota | -- | -- | 20 | 20
Nikola Vučević, Orlando | -- | -- | 4 | 4
Andre Drummond, Detroit | -- | 1 | -- | 3
Anthony Davis, New Orleans | -- | -- | 1 | 1
Myles Turner, Indiana | -- | -- | 1 | 1

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Warriors 'Hopeful' Of Kevin Durant Playing In Finals, 'Anticipate' DeMarcus Cousins Being Ready

May 23, 2019 2:48 PM

The Golden State Warriors don't expect Kevin Durant or DeMarcus Cousins to be available for the start of The Finals next week.

The Warriors are hopeful, however, of Durant returning at some point during The Finals. Durant has yet to be cleared to begin on-court activities but has made progress from strained right calf. Durant will be reevaluated on May 29th before The Finals begin on May 30th.

Cousins practiced with the Warriors for the first time since his torn left quad on Thursday. The Warriors anticipate Cousins returning at some point during The Finals.

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Chris Paul, James Harden Had Verbal Back-And-Forth After Game 6 Loss

May 23, 2019 11:57 AM

Members of the Houston Rockets, most notably Chris Paul, had spirited discussions with Mike D'Antoni throughout the season about incorporating more movement within the offense.

D'Antoni adapted his offense to be more isolation based to allow James Harden to succeed.

The Rockets have had success playing this way in the regular season, but defenses can key in on these types of tendencies in the playoffs with more ease.

In the regular season, Harden scored 1.11 points per possession in isolation. In the postseason, Harden scored 1.04 points per possession in isolation.

Harden and Paul had tense moments with one another throughout the Rockets' Game 6 loss to the Warriors, culminating in a verbal back-and-forth postgame that went into the locker room, according to sources. The exchange was about ball distribution in Game 6.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

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Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal, Karl-Anthony Towns Miss All-NBA, Max Impacted

May 23, 2019 2:53 PM

Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal were not voted onto any All-NBA Teams and will not be eligible for a supermax this offseason.

Karl-Anthony Towns similarly didn't make an All-NBA Team and his contract will remain a five-year, $158 million deal instead of a five-year, $191 million pact under the Rose rule.

Kemba Walker was a Third Team All-NBA selection and will be eligible for a supermax with his free agency.

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Klay Thompson: I'd Rather Win Championship Than Make Third Team All-NBA

May 23, 2019 5:31 PM

Klay Thompson found out he wasn't an All-NBA selection and won't be eligible for a supermax contract this offseason during his media availability on Thursday.

“When you go to five straight Finals, it takes more than a couple All-NBA guys," said Thompson. "Whatever. I'd rather win a championship than make Third Team All-NBA."

Thompson was then asked how he felt about contract amounts being determined by All-NBA voting.

"Do I think there are that many guards better than me in the league? No.”

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

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Michele Roberts: Only Downside Of Supermax Is People Believing It Was Slam Dunk To Keep Players
The NBA's supermax contract, introduced in the latest collective bargaining agreement, hasn't played out exactly the way owners and players expected.

Tim Bontemps/ESPN

Kevin Durant: A Lot Of People On Outside Don't Like To See Me As Part Of Warriors
Kevin Durant was asked a question about the Warriors phrased as "their play" and he corrected the reporter by saying "our."

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

Wizards Interested In Neil Olshey To Run Front Office
Sources believe Neil Olshey is open to considering other options.

Ben Standig/NBC Sports

Dunc'd On: TOR/MIL Game 5; All-NBA Team Implications; Zion Williamson Scouting Report
Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux recap Game 5 of MIL/TOR, go through the All-NBA Teams, and give their scouting reports on Zion Williamson.

Richaun Holmes Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Miami
Holmes is an unrestricted free agent this summer.


Koby Altman Initiated Cavaliers' Interest In Hiring John Beilein
The Cavaliers have been connected to college coaches such as Tom Izzo and John Calipari in the past.

Terry Pluto/Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dan Gilbert: Cavaliers 'Killed It' With Kyrie Irving Trade
Dan Gilbert alluded to Kyrie Irving's trade request as a 'melting snowball' since he could have sat out the 17-18 season and his value would have decreased.

Terry Pluto/The Plain Dealer

Steve Mills: Kristaps Porzingis Threatened Not To Re-Sign With Knicks Before Trade
The Knicks began receiving trade offers for Kristaps Porzingis last September.

Kurt Helin/NBC Sports

RealGM Radio: Ben Golliver On the Conference Finals and Draft Lottery
Host Danny Leroux and Ben Golliver of the Washington Post break down both Conference Finals and the NBA Draft lottery.

RealGM Staff Report

Michigan Hires Juwan Howard As Head Coach
Juwan Howard has been an assistant coach for the Heat since 2013.


Rudy Gobert, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo Headline 2019 NBA All-Defensive Teams
Marcus Smart and Eric Bledsoe joined Rudy Gobert, Paul George and Giannis Antetokounmpo on the First Team.

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Kings, Mavs, Jazz, Pacers, Nets Expected To Pursue Tobias Harris
The 76ers can offer Tobias Harris a five-year, $188 million contract compared to a four-year, $141 million contract from rival teams.

Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Daily News

Grizzlies Interview Adrian Griffin For Head Coaching Vacancy
Adrian Griffin is currently an assistant coach with the Raptors.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Rich Kleiman: Kevin Durant 100 Percent Undecided On Future
Rich Kleiman was asked if Kevin Durant has made a decision on his future.

Jason Gay/Wall Street Journal

Frank Vogel Says He's 'On The Same Page' As LeBron James
LeBron James was reportedly discouraged by Luke Walton's lack of structure on offense.

Joe Vardon/The Athletic

Cory Higgins Drawing Attention From NBA Teams
Phoenix, Denver, and Brooklyn are among teams who have expressed interest in Higgins.

Jonathan Givony/ESPN

Oshae Brissett Leaves Syracuse To Stay In NBA Draft
Brissett averaged 12.4 points and 7.5 rebounds as a sophomore.


Dunc'd On: TOR/MIL Game 4; POR/GSW Game 4; POR Offseason Outlook; News
Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux recap both Game 4s and recent NBA news. They also preview the offseason for POR.

Joe Lacob: Warriors Confident About Re-Signing Both Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson
Tim Kawakami reports that "(Kevin) Durant has given no indication that he is at all leaning toward staying with the Warriors."

Tim Kawakami/The Athletic

Clippers Considered 'Equally Dangerous Threat' As Knicks To Sign Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant has long been most strongly linked with the Knicks should he leave the Warriors.

Marc Stein/New York Times