Boston Celtics Analysis

Kobe, KG, Duncan And The Recession Into The Past

by Colin McGowan

May 19, 2021 11:14 AM

The guys that go into the Hall of Fame precede the current crop of players by a generation or several and their accomplishments have begun to acquire the smell of warehoused memorabilia. Read more »

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Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by RealGM Staff Report

May 18, 2021 2:30 PM

The Jazz jumped from ninth in Net Rating last season to first in 20-21. Read more »

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Isaiah Thomas And The Struggle To Let Go

by Micah Wimmer

Apr 13, 2021 8:52 PM

It does not appear likely that Isaiah Thomas will be a vital cog on a winning team again, but knowing something and accepting it are two different things. The awareness that all athletic glory is inherently fleeting does make its passing any easier to bear. Read more »

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The 'Very Average' Celtics

by Colin McGowan

The Celtics are in trouble, and if it's not inescapable, its persistence does make it harder to escape, game over game, as the subpar performances pile up. Read more »
20-21 NBA Season Preview: Atlantic Division

by Keith P Smith

On the 76ers and Celtics hoping for a breakthrough, the Nets figuring out what they'll be with Durant and Irving, Toronto running it back without their center vets, and the Knicks embarking a different type of rebuild. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Boston Celtics

by Colin McGowan

Kemba Walker is 30, and small guards tend to age in dog years. This is partially because they get knocked around more violently than guys the size of Kawhi Leonard, but also because they need all their athleticism in order to survive. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Charlotte Hornets

by Colin McGowan

Gordon Hayward is moving to Charlotte to stack ends, buy property, and play relatively pressure-free ball. That is getting older, for a lot of people. You give up a little bit, and realize it feels okay. Read more »
Suspended Indefinitely: Ray Allen Drains It From Everywhere

by Colin McGowan

Ray Allen's ahead-of-its-time talent early in his career was one of the most dynamic players the league has ever seen, someone equally comfortable running off screens like Reggie Miller, pulling up like Kobe, or lunging at the rim like McGrady. Read more »
Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

We look at the trajectory of every team in the NBA in terms of how they rank in the category. Read more »
Suspended Indefinitely: Larry Bird Works The Whiteboard

by Colin McGowan

It remains potently strange that Larry Bird, three-time MVP and something like the sixth-best player of all-time, breezed through Indiana, organized one of the best teams in the league, and then quietly walked away from a profession nobody knew he would be good at or even wanted to pursue in the first place. Read more »
Kyrie Irving Will Always Be His Often Wonderful, Sometimes Difficult Self

by Colin McGowan

Kyrie Irving is more annoyance than malignancy, but he is a volume annoyer, impressed with his Wikipedian knowledge of philosophy and art while confusing personality defects with genius. Read more »
2019-20 Atlantic Division Season Preview

by Keith P Smith

On the Celtics retooling with Kemba Walker, Brooklyn getting a pair of superstars, the Knicks' Plan B, Philadelphia supersizing their roster, and the Raptors keeping the title momentum going without Kawhi Leonard. Read more »
Thirty Histories: Boston Celtics

by Colin McGowan

There were many junctures at which franchise and franchise player could have quit on each other- they even tried to, on a couple occasions- but in keeping the relationship intact, both eventually realized their aspirations. Read more »
2019 Eastern Conference Offseason Chatter From Summer League

by Keith P Smith

With so much turnover this offseason, and another exciting draft class, teams had lots and lots to say. Read more »
What Exactly Does Kyrie Irving Want?

by Micah Wimmer

What Kyrie Irving is striving for remains as opaque as ever. The irony of Irving's move to the Nets is that he now finds himself in a similar situation to the one he was so eager to leave two summers ago. Read more »
Boston Celtics: 2019 NBA Offseason Preview

by Keith P Smith

As much as last offseason saw limited change for the Celtics roster, this summer promises to be the exact opposite. Read more »
As It Turns Out, There Was No Switch For Boston To Flip

by Andrew Perna

The Celtics started the season making a lot of hard promises. It is on the cusp of ending in a way that seemed so obvious based on their 82-game sample. Read more »
The NBA's Four Exceedingly Disparate Semifinals

by John Wilmes

The Bucks and Celtics finally playing serious basketball, the Kawhi Leonard avalanche, auditing Warriors-Rockets and the hardwood candy of Nuggets-Blazers. Read more »
The JR Smith/Dion Waiters Power Rankings: The Next Generation

by Jonny Auping and Alex Siquig

Lou Williams is the natural successor to the progenitors of these sacred Power Rankings. He is what would happen if you injected a bit of peace and perspective into the hearts of JR Smith and Dion Waiters. Read more »
The Maximum Available 2019 Cap Space for All 30 NBA Teams, Version 2.0

by Keith P Smith

The Knicks, Clippers, Hawks, Kings and Lakers project to have the most cap space this offseason. Read more »