Brooklyn Nets Front Office

Kevin Durant Headed Towards Holdout
RealGM Radio: Jared Weiss and Jared Dubin On the Atlantic Division (Aug 2022)
Kevin Durant Received 25 Percent Of 22-23 Salary From Nets One Day After Trade Request
Nets Initially Asked Celtics For Both Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum In Kevin Durant Trade
Some Insiders Thought Kevin Durant Would Accept Nets' Decision Not To Trade Him
Kevin Durant Views Celtics, 76ers As Desirable Destinations
Kevin Durant Not Consulted On Nets Firing Of Adam Harrington
Kevin Durant Didn't Previously Express Wish For Nets To Fire Steve Nash, Sean Marks
Kyrie Irving Shares Same Feeling As Kevin Durant On Steve Nash, Sean Marks
Perception That Kevin Durant Pushed For Steve Nash Hire As Nets Coach 'Inaccurate'

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Kevin Durant Will Never Resolve All The Contradictions He's Accrued

by Colin McGowan

Kevin Durant is fickle and shortsighted and a little bit tragic, the second-best player of his generation searching in vain for a single achievement that will certify him, in some cosmic sense. Maybe fleeing to Boston is the least imperfect solution.

The Nets And The Ambiguity Of Desire

by Micah Wimmer

The issue of whether the Nets made a mistake in giving too much control to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would almost certainly be a non-issue had they simply won more games.

Kevin Durant's Last Chance

by John Wilmes

Kevin Durant's narrative is messy because he is so aware of the tales and incentives around him, often uncanny in calling them out, but at the same time clearly stressed by the prospect of not telling the same quality of story that his peers have told.

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