Los Angeles Lakers Analysis

Twelve Characters: Russell Westbrook

by Colin McGowan

Oct 19, 2021 10:27 AM

Is Russ spitting nonsense when he says he's a Pau Gasol acolyte? Yeah, probably. But a tamed Russ, who is ferocious yet under his own control is an exhilarating concept. Read more »

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The 2022 Lakers And Nets, And One Ring To Rule Them All

by John Wilmes

Sep 8, 2021 10:57 AM

As the NBA transitions to a new era, a Lakers-Nets Finals could function as the capstone to a certain era of stars; one last hurrah for everyone old enough to remember when David Stern was still their commissioner. This would be a Super Bowl of sorts- a collision of legacies too rich to miss, too hyped-up to possibly escape. Read more »

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DeAndre Jordan's Winnowing Of Choices

by Colin McGowan

Aug 31, 2021 4:50 PM

DeAndre Jordan may wish he could create a better set of options, be 27 again. Or maybe this is a fine time to get out. Read more »

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The Opening Hours Of NBA Free Agency As Thirty Mission Statements

by Jack Tien-Dana

The advent of protracted trade demands and the play-in tournament and reshuffled lotto odds have conspired to incentivize goodness and punish intentional foulness. The NBA has pushed teams toward respectability. Read more »
Anthony Davis Satisfies Our Morbidity

by Colin McGowan

Anthony Davis can be dominant, brilliant, unstoppable, invaluable. But we have also seen him tumble over and over and over. Read more »
Marc Gasol, Weather Maker

by Katie Heindl

Marc Gasol offers the Lakers much needed equilibrium. A cool counterweight to the occasionally overwhelming aesthetics of tell-don't-show Laker grandiosity. Read more »
LeBron And The Art Of Self-Mythology

by John Wilmes

Fully 36 years old and nursing a high ankle sprain, LeBron James is into year two of his elder title contention phase with the Lakers, and his tendency to grandly narrativize everything he accomplishes has kicked into as high of a gear as we've ever seen from a player. Read more »
Kobe, KG, Duncan And The Recession Into The Past

by Colin McGowan

The guys that go into the Hall of Fame precede the current crop of players by a generation or several and their accomplishments have begun to acquire the smell of warehoused memorabilia. Read more »
Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by RealGM Staff Report

The Jazz jumped from ninth in Net Rating last season to first in 20-21. Read more »
Lakers Dread Versus Lakers Reality In 2021

by John Wilmes

The Lakers will either be the most spontaneous, sensationally improvised championship team of all time- or, more likely, a monster that is not actually under anyone's bed. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Los Angeles Lakers

by Colin McGowan

Everybody has to overcome themselves; almost no one has to deal with scoring on Rudy Gobert. Dennis Schroder has managed it, with greater efficiency than you'd expect, and the Lakers are his reward. Read more »
20-21 NBA Season Preview: Pacific Division

by Keith P Smith

While the Lakers are trying to repeat and the Clippers are trying to figure out what wrong, the Suns and Kings are seeking their first playoff berths in ages, and the Warriors want to stave off another gap year. Read more »
Player Empowerment In NBA Remains Rare, Selective

by Micah Wimmer

The life of a professional athlete is inherently precarious, and stars are justifiably doing what they can to reduce the element of chance in their careers. But what does it mean if the players already most insulated from randomness are the only ones able to take such steps? Read more »
LeBron Wants This To Never End

by Colin McGowan

The only truly fresh possibilities left for LeBron James will be created by creeping limitations. What will he be able to do as his body deteriorates? Read more »
The Coda To These Finals Is Where We'll Discover Novel Territory

by Colin McGowan

It's fitting that this season should end on a pro-forma note since these playoffs have at bottom been about satisfying sponsors and television partners, trying to keep rich folks off each other's necks. Read more »
After All That, The Strangeness Is At A Minimum For The Finals

by Colin McGowan

LeBron is a winning enterprise unto himself and Miami has been consistently competing for titles since the 90s. These are two legibly very good teams, and now we find out which one deserves to be called great. Read more »
Winning A Title For LeBron Enterprises, LLC

by Colin McGowan

There's nothing wrong with characterlessness, or a lack of narrative, but what lies beneath that pap is a discomfort with the mercenary and transactional nature of the professional sports, or perhaps even more discomfitingly, boredom. Read more »
Lakers, Bucks And The Fragile Endeavor Of A Title Run

by Colin McGowan

The number one seeds in each conference appear to be taking the circuitous route to the peaks they'll need to find in later rounds. There's time for that, but it's far from abundant. Read more »
Dwight Howard Remains The Same Even During His Time Of Personal Growth

by Colin McGowan

Dwight Howard means well, but he unfortunately can't be relied upon to say the right things for more than a few days- or even a few sentences- in a row. Read more »
JR Smith/Dion Waiters Power Rankings: The Prophecy Fulfilled

by Jonny Auping and Alex Siquig

Everyone's favorite moment chasers are teammates, and this isn't a small victory. It's an enormous one. Of course, it comes at a moment of blinding uncertainty. Read more »