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Jackson Wants To Enter HOF As Bull, Laker

Jan 31, 2010 5:18 PM

Lakers coach Phil Jackson has spent one more season with the team than he did with the Bulls, but he still wants to represent both clubs when he enters the Hall of Fame.

"My own personal (opinion," Jackson said, "I'd have to have a jacket with both sides -- one side Lakers, the other side Bulls."

He won six titles with Chicago and has four with Los Angeles thus far.


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Popovich Softens Stance On Gasol Trade

Jan 30, 2010 4:52 PM

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has softened his stance on the February 2008 trade between the Lakers and Grizzlies that sent Pau Gasol to Los Angeles.

Once a harsh critic of the deal, which many perceived to be lopsided, Popovich now says that Memphis made out good in the deal.

"They gave up a great player but it helped them extend the franchise's success into the future," Popovich said. "It's shown that they've done a good job. Whatever they were thinking a couple of iterations ahead at the time has paid off for them."

The Grizzlies received Kwame Brown, rookie Javaris Crittenton, the rights to Marc Gasol and first-round picks in 2008 and 2010.

"What they did in Memphis is beyond comprehension," Popovich said at the time. "There should be a trade committee that can scratch all trades that make no sense. I just wish I had been on a trade committee that oversees NBA trades. I would have voted no to the L.A. trade."

Memphis Commercial Appeal

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Jackson One Win Shy Of Lakers Record

Jan 30, 2010 4:39 PM

Lakers coach Phil Jackson is one win shy the team's all-time coaching record.

"There's a generation of people that identify with the Showtime Lakers of the '80s and similarly with the '90s Chicago teams," Jackson said.

"I don't know if you can say we're the dominant team of this decade, but we're pretty close. So I'm sure there's a whole generation of kids who see me only as the Lakers coach. They're not familiar with the Bulls at all."

The Lakers' victory over the 76ers on Friday night moved him to within a win of the record. Jackson is 532-253 with the franchise, just shy of Pat Riley's 533-194 mark.

"It's a matter of just being here and showing up to work," he said.

The Lakers will face the Celtics on Sunday in Boston.


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Kobe Wants 'Old-School' Defensive Rules To Return

Jan 30, 2010 10:35 AM

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant would like to see the NBA return to their "old-school" defensive rules.

"I'm old-school," Bryant said Friday night.

"I'd like for us to go back to the old rules," he said. "Get rid of the 'crutch defense,' known as the zone defense, and have guys guard man-to-man and stuff like that [and allow] hand checking and all that. I think that's better basketball."

The NBA started to allow zone defense at the beginning of the 2001-02 season.

Hand checking was first outlawed in 1994 and shortly thereafter, in 1997, defenders were prohibited from using forearms to guard against players facing the basket.


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Kobe-LeBron Ad Features Gun Slang

Jan 29, 2010 2:35 PM

An advertisement featuring Kobe Bryant and LeBron James includes a gun reference.

The ad, just inside the inside cover of this week's Sports Illustrated, appears the same week Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were suspended for carrying firearms to the locker room.

The players appear along with the slogan, "Prepare For Combat," is a quote from each player showing how tough he is.

Bryant's blurb says: "I'll do whatever it takes to win games. I don't leave anything in the chamber."


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Artest To Return Against Washington

Jan 26, 2010 5:16 PM

Lakers forward Ron Artest will return to the court on Tuesday night against the Wizards.

Artest took part in the team's shootaround.

He was suffering from the intestinal flu on Monday, which caused him to miss the Lakers' practice and trip to the White House.

Artest is also dealing with plantar fasciitis in both feet.


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Lakers Make Trip To White House

Jan 25, 2010 4:25 PM

President Barack Obama welcomed the defending NBA champion Lakers to the White House on Monday.

Obama said no team exemplified excellence on the court more than the Lakers did last year when they won their 15th NBA title.


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Artest Says He's Playing With Plantar Fasciitis

Jan 25, 2010 7:38 AM

Lakers forward Ron Artest wrote on his Twitter page over the weekend that he has plantar fasciitis in his left and right foot but will keep playing.

"I didn't know what was wrong with me," Artest told the Los Angeles Times. "I've probably had it a lot of times in my career, but I never, ever sat out with it. I know guys who have actually sat out with sore feet, but there's no need for me to complain about it.

"I just don't like excuses. That's it. No excuses. I don't want nobody saying, 'Oh, Ron Artest has got plantar fasciitis, so that's why he didn't play a good game.' No, I didn't play good or I didn't do what I did because that's just what happened. No excuses."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson suggested that Artest's foot ailments stem from the sneakers he wears.

"I called his shoes concrete boots for about the last month," Jackson said in reference of Artest's Peak shoes, made by a Chinese company. "Those shoes look like they're made for the Hudson River."

Jackson added that he hasn't had a conversation with Artest about sitting out, but admitted that it may come to that in the future.


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Bynum Faces Fine For Missing Flight

Jan 25, 2010 7:32 AM

Lakers center Andrew Bynum will be fined an undisclosed amount for missing the team's charter flight from New York to Toronto on Saturday morning.

The fine is believed to be $250.

"I slept in," Bynum said Sunday. "I put my bags outside and then I went to sleep."

Bynum said he woke up at 9:15 a.m. to put his bags outside his hotel room to be picked up by an attendant. He then went back into his room and fell asleep until 11:15 a.m., leaving him stuck in New York.

"His bags made it to Toronto, but he didn't," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said.


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Artest: Cleveland Is 'Nothing' Without LeBron

Jan 23, 2010 6:01 PM

Lakers forward Ron Artest doesn't think the Cavaliers would be a playoff team without LeBron James.

"Actually I thought about that [Thursday]," Artest told CBS Sports.

"If you take LeBron off that team, no. They're not. They're nothing. Not that they're nothing, they're still human beings. But you take him off that team, no. I guess that's why they got me, to take him out of the game. [Thursday] it didn't work. They got us this year, so all we can do is move on from that and see what happens in the playoffs."

Artest, a Queensbridge native, added that his hometown Knicks need some star power.

"No disrespect to Cleveland, but we need some star power here in New York," he added. "We need some legit star power, so I can come down and beat up on 'em. We still need some star power here in New York. We need one of those big-time players to come here and get a great team, and when the Lakers play the Knicks, we beat 'em by like 40 or 50 points. It would be great hopefully one day to see a New York-L.A. championship. I don't have any power to do that, but it would be nice."

CBS Sports

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Jackson Gives Kobe A Book About Montana
Phil Jackson handed out books to his players as they embarked on a long road trip.

Los Angeles Times

Kobe: Lakers Were Hungrier Last Season
The Lakers have lost the season series to Cleveland, a reversal of last season.

Press Enterprise

Phil Jackson Declines Knicks' 40th Anniversary Invitation
Phil Jackson won't attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Knicks' first NBA championship.

New York Post

Kaman: Gasol Shouldn't Be An All-Star
Chris Kaman thinks he's a better All-Star candidate than both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.


Kobe Laughs Off Idea Of Participating In Dunk Contest
Kobe Bryant didn't like Shaquille O'Neal's suggestion that he take part in the Slam Dunk contest.


Kobe Becomes 15th Player To Reach 25k Points
Kobe Bryant reached the 25,000 point milestone on Thursday.

Los Angeles Daily News

Mo Will Miss Thursday's L.A. Game
Cavaliers guard Mo Williams suffered a left shoulder sprain during Tuesday night?s game versus Toronto.

Press Release

Shaq 8-9 All-Time Against Lakers
Shaquille O'Neal is one win away from the .500 mark against the Lakers.

Plain Dealer

Lakers Attempts To Deal Walton Lead Nowhere
The Lakers are looking to trade Luke Walton.


Artest Ready For LeBron, Pierce Defensive Assignments
Ron Artest will receive the defensive assignments of LeBron James and Paul Pierce on the Lakers' eight-game road trip.

Los Angeles Times

Kobe Has NBA's Most Popular Jersey
While Kobe Bryant remains the top-seller, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose reached the top-5 for the first time.

Press Release

Kobe Claims He 'Went Through Seven Years Of Hell'
Unlike several of his fellow superstars, Kobe Bryant has an excellent supporting cast with the Lakers.


Nike May Have Leaked Shannon Brown As Dunk Participant
Shannon Brown is expected to take part in February's Slam Dunk Contest.

Sporting News

Jackson: Clippers Suffering From Bad Karma, Not Curse
Phil Jackson thinks the Clippers are suffering from the misdeeds of owner Donald Sterling.


Lakers Unlikely To Swing Major Trade
The Lakers already have $83.7 million committed to just eight players next season.

Los Angeles Times

Players: Garnett Biggest Trash Talker In NBA
According to his peers, Kevin Garnett is the biggest trash talker in the NBA.

Sports Illustrated (via Newsday)

Kobe Leaves Game With Back Spasms
Kobe Bryant left Tuesday's game in the third quarter.


Sources: No Bosh For Bynum Trade Talks
Chris Bosh will only be traded before the deadline if he tells the Raptors he won't re-sign.


Farmar Imposter, Jennings Feuding On Twitter
Jordan Farmar and Brandon Jennings are talking trash on Twitter.

Brian Reynolds/RealGM

RealGM Recaps For Sunday, 1/10
The Clippers climbed to within one game of .500 with an impressive win over the Heat on Sunday night.

Andrew Perna/RealGM