Philadelphia Sixers AnalysisPhiladelphia Sixers Analysis

For Joel Embiid, It May Be Now Or Never

by Micah Wimmer

Apr 18, 2019 3:00 PM

Joel Embiid is both a throwback and a renunciation of present trends in basketball strategy. He also could be running a race against his own body. Read more »

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Jimmy Butler Is About To Be Insufferable

by Jonny Auping

Apr 2, 2019 1:48 PM

As self-promotional as Jimmy Butler's whole shtick may be, it's hard to doubt that he genuinely does enjoy humiliating basketball players for the crime of not being up for the challenge he presents them with. This will reach a new height on a playoff run with Philadelphia. Read more »

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The 76ers' Charming Bravado

by Colin McGowan

Mar 21, 2019 5:14 PM

Philadelphia's borderline delusional confidence is what makes them such a compelling team. Harris is a sweetheart, but Butler, Embiid, and Simmons are all brash and chippy and ornery. Read more »

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Tobias Harris & Turning 'The Process' Into An Exciting Championship Contender In Philadelphia

by Colin McGowan

After drifting around the league for six-and-a-half seasons, Harris is finally being given a chance to show what he can do playing consequential basketball. Read more »
The Complicated Admiration Of Allen Iverson

by Colin McGowan

Allen Iverson emphasizes over and over again the importance of being yourself, which is literally the moral of every other Disney movie, but coming from him is more political argument than feel-good sentiment. Read more »
The Evolution Of NBA Star Jerks

by Micah Wimmer

Without intending to, Draymond Green and Jimmy Butler both show us how limited our patience today is for players acting like jerks, unlike in the Jordan/Kobe eras, how we now believe such behavior may be entertaining without being edifying. Read more »
Markelle Fultz Living Under Himself

by Colin McGowan

Markelle Fultz's troubles aren't really his fault- he's the plaything of the cosmos at the moment- but they aren't Brett Brown or Elton Brand's either. Read more »
Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid Have Expedited The Process

by Nick Zappulla

It's almost a guarantee that Embiid and Simmons' best years are ahead of them. What's not a guarantee is that those years will be spent together on the Sixers, or that they will acquire better players than they have now, in the future. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Joel Embiid

by Colin McGowan

The Joel Embiid Experience has always stunk of brand-building. He arrived extremely online and has stayed that way into his mid-20s. Of course he was going to weaponize it at some point. Read more »
2018 NBA Offseason Review: Atlantic Division

by Keith P Smith

Breaking down the offseason moves from the Raptors, Celtics, 76ers, Knicks and Nets. Read more »
The Maximum Available 2019 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams

by Keith P Smith

The NBA cap will jump by $7 million while some of the bad contracts of 2016 will come off the books, which means an abundance of cap space again. Read more »
2018 Eastern Conference Summer League Notes

by Keith P Smith

Keith Smith emptied his notebook after speaking to players, coaches, front office personnel and agents with all 15 Eastern Conference teams. Read more »
Leroux's 2018 NBA Draft Review

by Danny Leroux

On how all 30 teams fared in the 2018 NBA Draft. Read more »
Projected 2018 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams, Version 2.0

by Keith P Smith

The Lakers, Pacers, Hawks and 76ers enter the offseason with the most project cap space. Read more »
Eric jr Vs. The Blog Boys: The Great Leveling Force Of NBA Twitter

by John Wilmes

It's as if Bryan Colangelo and all the Eric jrs out there, whether he pretends to be one amidst their millions or not, are chasing more similar ghosts than one might suspect. Read more »
Reframing How The Season Ended For The 76ers

by Andrew Perna

What would have been a major step forward for The Process just a few months ago now leaves them feeling empty. Read more »
Present Versus Future In The Eastern Conference

by Jonny Auping

While the Raptors are trying to finally get past LeBron, the other side of the East features a pair of teams expected to dominate it for the next decade. Read more »
Ten-Year Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

We look at the trajectory of every team in the NBA in terms of how they rank in the category. Read more »
The First Day Of The Rest Of Markelle Fultz's Life

by Colin McGowan

Markelle Fultz received the sweet yet mortifying Worst Kid On The Little League Team treatment from an arena full of Sixers fans who nine months ago thought he was going to turn their franchise into OKC Mk. II. Read more »
Projected 2018 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams

by Keith P Smith

Approximately 80 percent of the league will be over the cap. The cap spike that caused multiple teams to have copious amounts of cap space each summer from 2015 through 2017 has now flattened out Read more »