Portland Trail Blazers Front Office

RealGM Radio: West Over-Unders With Arturo Galletti (2021-22)
Patrick Patterson, Trail Blazers Agree To Camp Deal
Marquesse Chriss, Blazers Agree To Non-Guaranteed Contract
Dennis Smith Jr. Signs Camp Deal With Blazers
Blazers Had Interest In Dillon Brooks Prior To Larry Nance Jr. Trade
76ers Remain In Holding Pattern On Ben Simmons Trade
Cavaliers, Blazers, Bulls Agree To Lauri Markkanen, Larry Nance Jr. Deal
76ers Expected To Keep Ben Simmons Through Camp Unless Damian Lillard Becomes Available
Greg Brown's Contract With Blazers Guaranteed For First Two Seasons
Zach Collins Has $10.675M Guaranteed In Three-Year, $22M Contract With Spurs

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Trail Blazers Analysis

Twelve Characters: CJ McCollum

by Colin McGowan

C.J. McCollum doesn't get to do whatever he wants; he posts his 20-whatever in the negative space Dame Lillard leaves in his wake. It's a peculiar rhythm you have to strike, not being The Guy but playing as if you were, however intermittently.

Damian Lillard, Ballad Man At A Crossroads

by John Wilmes

The repetitive nature of the Blazers' failures seems to be grating on Damian Lillard. Will he remain content to pour all his power into a cyclical ballad about how the little guys can never be amazing enough to overcome the big boy advantages elsewhere?

Damian Lillard Is Inventing Reasons To Leave Portland Instead Of Sticking With The Obvious One

by Colin McGowan

Damian Lillard is trapped by his own myth- the loyal one, the fierce underdog- and attempting to square his actual desires with what he thinks he should be, for other people.

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