2019-2020 DeSales

2019-2020 DeSales Roster

The 2019-2020 DeSales roster is not available yet.

2019-2020 DeSales Front Office

Staff Member Position Start Season Previous Job
Scott Coval Head Coach, Athletic Director 1993-1994 N/A
Jeff Silk Assistant Coach 2000-2001 N/A
Darnell Braswell Assistant Coach 2015-2016 N/A
B.J. Spigelmyer Director of Sports Information 2014-2015 N/A
Gracia Perilli Assistant Athletic Director 2014-2015 N/A
Patrick Jacoby Assistant Director of Sports Information 2015-2016 N/A
Mark Wojciechowski Athletic Trainer 2014-2015 N/A
Nan Miller Athletic Trainer 2014-2015 N/A