Eastern Illinois Depth Charts

* Depth Charts are updated daily throughout the season. The stats are based upon the last 5 games played.

2018-2019 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Shareef Smith
5.4p 3.4r 2.6a
Mack Smith
11.4p 4.0r 2.4a
Josiah Wallace
17.6p 4.8r 2.0a
J. Matlock
5.8p 4.6r 2.4a
A. Diallo
1.5p 3.2r 0.5a
Rotation K. Charles
4.6p 1.4r 0.4a
  Ben Harvey
9.4p 3.4r 0.8a
Rade Kukobat
6.8p 4.8r 0.4a
Rotation     Cam Burrell
3.2p 2.8r 1.0a
Lim PT Logan Koch
1.5p 0.5r 0.0a
Terrell Lewis
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Braxton Shaw
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
Lucas Jones
0.0p 0.7r 0.0a
Lim PT Shawn Wilson
0.0p 0.5r 1.0a
  Edwyn Brown
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2018-2019 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Josiah Wallace 32.7
FG% Cam Burrell .542
3P% JaQualis Matlock .391
FT% Josiah Wallace .802
ORPG Cam Burrell 2.0
DRPG Mack Smith 3.7
RPG JaQualis Matlock 4.8
APG Shareef Smith 3.8
BPG Rade Kukobat 0.9
SPG Shareef Smith 1.2
PPG Josiah Wallace 15.5

2017-2018 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Mack Smith
12.4p 3.8r 1.4a
M. Goodwin
15.0p 3.4r 3.3a
JaJuan Starks
8.7p 4.0r 0.8a
Ray Crossland
7.8p 4.7r 1.3a
Muusa Dama
9.9p 6.3r 1.2a
Rotation Terrell Lewis
9.0p 2.4r 4.8a
D. Jackson
7.6p 3.2r 2.2a
  A. Diallo
1.0p 3.0r 0.5a
Rotation Logan Koch
2.3p 1.0r 1.1a
    Lucas Jones
1.8p 2.0r 0.7a
Lim PT D. Price
2.9p 2.1r 0.4a
M. Chavers
3.1p 2.3r 0.6a
Lim PT Shawn Wilson
0.7p 0.2r 0.9a
Justice Green
2.5p 0.9r 0.2a

2017-2018 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Montell Goodwin 35.5
FG% Muusa Dama .546
3P% Mack Smith .388
FT% Montell Goodwin .771
ORPG Muusa Dama 2.1
DRPG Muusa Dama 4.2
RPG Muusa Dama 6.3
APG Montell Goodwin 3.3
BPG Muusa Dama 1.2
SPG Montell Goodwin 1.1
PPG Montell Goodwin 15.0

2016-2017 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Terrell Lewis
10.5p 1.3r 4.7a
D. McReynolds
14.7p 4.9r 2.2a
M. Goodwin
14.3p 2.9r 3.1a
Ray Crossland
10.5p 6.1r 1.5a
Muusa Dama
9.0p 9.6r 0.6a
Rotation Casey Teson
6.9p 1.6r 0.9a
  P. Muldoon
5.5p 4.3r 1.0a
Lim PT Logan Koch
0.6p 0.3r 0.8a
M. Blackmon
2.0p 1.1r 0.1a
Joe Kuligoski
1.8p 0.9r 0.6a
A. Diallo
0.9p 2.6r 0.2a
Lim PT D. Price
1.6p 1.6r 0.3a
    Lucas Jones
0.6p 1.9r 0.4a

2016-2017 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Terrell Lewis 31.9
FG% Muusa Dama .500
3P% Montell Goodwin .391
FT% Casey Teson .968
ORPG Muusa Dama 2.8
DRPG Muusa Dama 6.8
RPG Muusa Dama 9.6
APG Terrell Lewis 4.7
BPG Muusa Dama 2.2
SPG Ray Crossland 1.5
PPG Demetrius McReynolds 14.7

2015-2016 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Terrell Lewis
11.0p 2.9r 5.7a
A.J. Riley
9.9p 3.4r 2.0a
Casey Teson
7.5p 2.3r 0.7a
D. McReynolds
12.1p 5.1r 1.3a
Trae Anderson
14.7p 5.2r 1.8a
Rotation   Joe Kuligoski
2.8p 2.6r 0.6a
P. Muldoon
4.5p 3.0r 0.5a
Lucas Jones
2.9p 1.9r 0.3a
Rotation   M. Blackmon
3.6p 2.9r 0.3a
Lim PT Luke Norman
1.4p 0.8r 0.3a
A. Johnson
2.1p 1.0r 0.3a
A. Novakovic
0.6p 0.9r 0.5a
A. Diallo
0.4p 0.8r 0.3a
L. Piotrowski
2.9p 1.9r 0.2a
Lim PT       Justin Earls
2.0p 1.0r 0.5a

2015-2016 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Terrell Lewis 37.7
FG% Patrick Muldoon .496
3P% Casey Teson .386
FT% Demetrius McReynolds .818
ORPG Trae Anderson 1.5
DRPG Demetrius McReynolds 3.9
RPG Trae Anderson 5.2
APG Terrell Lewis 5.7
BPG Trae Anderson 0.7
SPG Terrell Lewis 1.2
PPG Trae Anderson 14.7

2014-2015 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Terrell Lewis
9.1p 1.9r 4.7a
Dylan Chatman
6.2p 3.1r 1.8a
LeTrell Viser
6.2p 2.5r 1.1a
Josh Piper
4.2p 2.8r 0.8a
L. Piotrowski
3.5p 2.0r 0.4a
Rotation Reggie Smith
8.2p 2.8r 1.3a
  K. Anderson
2.0p 1.6r 0.1a
Trae Anderson
13.2p 4.9r 1.8a
Rotation Luke Norman
1.4p 0.9r 0.8a
    Chris Olivier
13.0p 5.3r 1.0a
Lim PT   A. Johnson
1.5p 1.1r 0.2a
Jake Verhagen
0.8p 0.7r 0.2a
  Mat Piotrowski
0.8p 1.3r 0.0a

2014-2015 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Terrell Lewis 34.7
FG% Chris Olivier .542
3P% Terrell Lewis .519
FT% Terrell Lewis .862
ORPG Trae Anderson 1.8
DRPG Chris Olivier 3.6
RPG Chris Olivier 5.3
APG Terrell Lewis 4.7
BPG Chris Olivier 1.4
SPG LeTrell Viser 1.2
PPG Trae Anderson 13.2

2013-2014 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Reggie Smith
13.1p 2.4r 3.3a
Dylan Chatman
6.7p 2.2r 1.9a
Alex Austin
7.0p 2.4r 1.0a
S. Blanford
14.5p 8.0r 1.5a
Josh Piper
4.4p 2.9r 1.2a
Rotation   Zach Dickerson
3.0p 1.2r 1.3a
K. Anderson
3.1p 2.6r 0.3a
Chris Olivier
11.4p 4.4r 0.5a
L. Piotrowski
4.0p 1.9r 0.4a
Rotation   Dennie Green
5.4p 2.1r 0.9a
Lim PT Donald Moore
1.3p 0.3r 0.2a
A. Johnson
0.6p 0.4r 0.3a
Jake Verhagen
2.1p 0.9r 0.3a
  Mat Piotrowski
1.6p 1.8r 0.5a
Lim PT Aaron Siler
1.1p 0.2r 0.3a
J. Robertson
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2013-2014 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Reggie Smith 29.4
FG% Sherman Blanford .518
3P% Dylan Chatman .350
FT% Alex Austin .830
ORPG Sherman Blanford 3.0
DRPG Sherman Blanford 5.0
RPG Sherman Blanford 8.0
APG Reggie Smith 3.3
BPG Sherman Blanford 0.8
SPG Reggie Smith 1.3
PPG Sherman Blanford 14.5

2012-2013 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Taylor Jones
5.6p 2.5r 1.6a
Austin Akers
5.0p 2.5r 4.0a
Morris Woods
11.0p 4.3r 1.4a
S. Blanford
10.5p 6.4r 2.3a
Josh Piper
10.1p 4.4r 1.3a
Rotation   Malcolm Herron
6.3p 2.4r 0.7a
Alex Austin
9.3p 2.5r 1.1a
Rotation   Cameron Harvey
1.9p 0.5r 0.5a
R.J. McGhee
0.0p 3.0r 2.0a
Lim PT     K. Anderson
1.4p 1.3r 0.3a
Lim PT     Alex Lubsey
0.5p 0.7r 0.2a

2012-2013 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Austin Akers 33.8
FG% Morris Woods .510
3P% Josh Piper .388
FT% Josh Piper .864
ORPG Sherman Blanford 2.8
DRPG Sherman Blanford 3.7
RPG Sherman Blanford 6.4
APG Austin Akers 4.0
BPG Josh Piper 0.7
SPG Sherman Blanford 1.2
PPG Morris Woods 11.0

2011-2012 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Jeremy Granger
15.9p 3.4r 3.0a
L.C. Doss
6.7p 1.9r 1.2a
Joey Miller
10.4p 2.6r 2.9a
Zavier Sanders
4.4p 3.8r 0.9a
A. McKinnie
10.2p 7.0r 0.4a
Rotation Austin Akers
1.3p 0.9r 2.2a
  J. Hollowell
6.2p 4.1r 0.8a
Josh Piper
4.3p 2.1r 0.6a
Rotation Taylor Jones
2.8p 1.0r 0.6a
Lim PT J. Miller
1.9p 0.5r 0.2a
Morris Woods
2.1p 1.2r 0.3a
Nick McFarlin
1.7p 1.4r 0.4a
Lim PT   Malcolm Herron
1.7p 0.9r 0.3a
Alex Lubsey
1.0p 0.9r 0.2a

2011-2012 Eastern Illinois Leaders

2010-2011 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Jeremy Granger
14.5p 4.3r 3.4a
Tyler Laser
11.4p 2.9r 1.9a
Curry McKinney
9.0p 4.3r 2.7a
J. Hollowell
8.4p 5.6r 1.7a
Shaun Pratl
9.1p 4.5r 1.6a
Rotation L.C. Doss
4.6p 1.1r 1.0a
  Zavier Sanders
3.2p 2.8r 0.4a
Rotation I. Smith III
2.3p 1.1r 0.9a
  A. McKinnie
3.5p 3.6r 0.2a
Lim PT Taylor Jones
1.8p 1.0r 0.6a
Levi Noel
1.1p 0.8r 0.2a
Nick McFarlin
2.4p 1.4r 0.2a
  Matt Dorlack
0.9p 2.3r 0.2a

2010-2011 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Jeremy Granger 35.4
FG% Shaun Pratl .492
3P% Jeremy Granger .380
FT% Jeremy Granger .904
ORPG James Hollowell 1.9
DRPG James Hollowell 3.8
RPG James Hollowell 5.6
APG Jeremy Granger 3.4
BPG James Hollowell 1.2
SPG Curry McKinney 1.4
PPG Jeremy Granger 14.5

2009-2010 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Jeremy Granger
10.3p 2.6r 3.4a
Tyler Laser
13.9p 2.6r 2.3a
T.J. Marion
6.7p 3.3r 2.7a
Edin Suljic
4.9p 2.7r 0.8a
Ousmane Cisse
5.4p 6.6r 1.1a
Rotation   Curry McKinney
5.1p 2.9r 1.6a
J. Hollowell
7.2p 4.8r 0.8a
Shaun Pratl
5.7p 3.0r 0.9a
Rotation   Romain Martin
4.4p 0.6r 0.5a
Lim PT D. Wright, Jr.
2.7p 0.3r 0.8a
  Zavier Sanders
3.3p 1.4r 0.4a
  Matt Dorlack
0.6p 1.0r 0.1a
Lim PT Jay Smith
3.0p 0.7r 0.2a

2009-2010 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Tyler Laser 32.2
FG% Ousmane Cisse .543
3P% Jeremy Granger .417
FT% Jeremy Granger .875
ORPG Ousmane Cisse 2.0
DRPG Ousmane Cisse 4.6
RPG Ousmane Cisse 6.6
APG Jeremy Granger 3.4
BPG James Hollowell 1.2
SPG Jeremy Granger 1.0
PPG Tyler Laser 13.9

2008-2009 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Tyler Laser
11.4p 2.9r 3.1a
Romain Martin
15.4p 3.7r 1.0a
T.J. Marion
9.0p 4.2r 3.5a
Billy Parrish
5.9p 4.7r 1.4a
Ousmane Cisse
8.0p 7.5r 1.0a
Rotation Jeremy Granger
2.9p 1.1r 0.8a
  Edin Suljic
5.0p 2.4r 0.9a
Rotation     J. Hollowell
3.8p 3.8r 0.5a
Lim PT Jay Smith
2.3p 1.0r 0.2a
Will Hamilton
1.2p 0.3r 0.4a
Zavier Sanders
1.2p 0.7r 0.1a
  Matt Dorlack
1.1p 1.9r 0.1a
Lim PT D. Wright, Jr.
1.9p 0.6r 0.6a

2008-2009 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Tyler Laser 30.6
FG% Ousmane Cisse .606
3P% Tyler Laser .407
FT% Tyler Laser .962
ORPG Ousmane Cisse 2.8
DRPG Ousmane Cisse 4.7
RPG Ousmane Cisse 7.5
APG T.J. Marion 3.5
BPG Ousmane Cisse 0.5
SPG Tyler Laser 1.0
PPG Romain Martin 15.4

2007-2008 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters J. Willhite
7.1p 3.8r 3.3a
Tyler Laser
7.4p 2.0r 1.7a
Julio Anthony
9.0p 1.7r 2.0a
B. Catchings
10.8p 4.6r 1.4a
Jake Byrne
8.8p 4.8r 1.4a
Rotation Mike Robinson
5.4p 2.0r 4.2a
Romain Martin
13.6p 1.5r 1.2a
  Ousmane Cisse
5.8p 5.8r 0.9a
Rotation   G. Myers-Kyles
3.3p 1.3r 0.2a
  Justin Brock
5.0p 6.7r 1.0a
Rotation   Billy Parrish
1.6p 1.8r 0.4a
  Bobby Jolliff
2.8p 1.9r 0.6a
Lim PT         Matt Dorlack
0.8p 2.0r 0.3a

2007-2008 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Bobby Catchings 28.6
FG% Jake Byrne .543
3P% Julio Anthony .472
FT% Julio Anthony .915
ORPG Ousmane Cisse 2.3
DRPG Ousmane Cisse 3.4
RPG Ousmane Cisse 5.8
APG Jon'Tee Willhite 3.3
BPG Ousmane Cisse 0.6
SPG Jon'Tee Willhite 0.7
PPG Bobby Catchings 10.8

2006-2007 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Mike Robinson
10.0p 4.1r 3.6a
J. Willhite
5.1p 3.2r 2.1a
Romain Martin
14.8p 2.0r 0.9a
B. Catchings
10.1p 5.1r 1.4a
Jake Byrne
7.7p 4.1r 1.2a
Rotation   Billy Parrish
2.2p 2.5r 0.6a
  Ousmane Cisse
5.9p 6.3r 0.9a
Lim PT Freddie Perry
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a
G. Myers-Kyles
2.0p 1.0r 0.3a
  Bobby Jolliff
1.4p 1.5r 0.5a
Lim PT   Julio Anthony
2.8p 0.4r 0.7a
  Justin Brock
2.1p 1.4r 0.3a
Lim PT   Ryan Voss
0.1p 0.6r 0.0a

2006-2007 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Mike Robinson 33.2
FG% Jake Byrne .541
3P% Romain Martin .380
FT% Romain Martin .867
ORPG Ousmane Cisse 2.4
DRPG Ousmane Cisse 3.9
RPG Ousmane Cisse 6.3
APG Mike Robinson 3.6
BPG Ousmane Cisse 0.5
SPG Mike Robinson 2.2
PPG Romain Martin 14.8

2005-2006 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Mike Robinson
9.6p 3.1r 4.3a
Josh Gomes
15.1p 2.0r 1.6a
B. Catchings
9.4p 4.6r 1.5a
George Tandy
9.0p 7.1r 0.9a
Jake Byrne
6.9p 3.8r 1.2a
Rotation Jake Sinclair
2.8p 2.1r 2.0a
Billy Parrish
2.9p 2.7r 0.8a
    Wes Wilkin
1.7p 1.7r 0.3a
Rotation J. Willhite
2.0p 2.0r 1.0a
Lim PT   Kyree Brown
0.4p 0.7r 0.2a
Bil Duany
1.6p 0.6r 0.4a
  Tom Burke
0.7p 0.4r 0.2a
Lim PT     Austin Hogue
1.0p 0.5r 0.3a

2005-2006 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Josh Gomes 35.2
FG% Jake Byrne .551
3P% George Tandy 1.000
FT% Josh Gomes .914
ORPG George Tandy 2.0
DRPG George Tandy 5.1
RPG George Tandy 7.1
APG Mike Robinson 4.3
BPG George Tandy 1.1
SPG Mike Robinson 2.0
PPG Josh Gomes 15.1

2004-2005 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Emanuel Dildy
15.3p 2.6r 3.5a
Josh Gomes
16.8p 3.6r 2.0a
A. Patterson
7.2p 4.8r 1.0a
B. Catchings
9.0p 3.7r 1.4a
George Tandy
6.4p 5.2r 1.0a
Rotation Jake Sinclair
3.5p 1.6r 1.4a
  A. Gobczynski
4.1p 4.9r 1.4a
Rotation Jason Wright
2.7p 1.2r 1.1a
  Cortez Forte
3.5p 2.1r 0.9a
Rotation     Bil Duany
2.3p 2.6r 1.1a
Lim PT Ross Laux
0.3p 0.4r 0.0a
  Austin Hogue
0.7p 1.1r 0.2a
Jake Byrne
0.8p 0.6r 0.1a

2004-2005 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Emanuel Dildy 30.9
FG% Aaron Patterson .578
3P% Bobby Catchings .417
FT% Emanuel Dildy .835
ORPG George Tandy 1.6
DRPG George Tandy 3.6
RPG George Tandy 5.2
APG Emanuel Dildy 3.5
BPG George Tandy 1.5
SPG Josh Gomes 1.0
PPG Josh Gomes 16.8

2003-2004 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Emanuel Dildy
7.4p 1.8r 2.1a
Josh Gomes
13.6p 5.0r 1.9a
D. Hollyfield
7.0p 4.9r 2.7a
A. Patterson
9.9p 5.9r 1.0a
J. Mackinson
9.9p 6.8r 1.0a
Rotation Jake Sinclair
4.8p 2.7r 1.9a
Ryan Voss
6.0p 7.0r 0.0a
A. Gobczynski
3.5p 5.2r 0.6a
David Roos
3.6p 4.2r 0.9a
Rotation Jason Wright
7.8p 3.6r 2.2a
Cortez Forte
3.4p 2.4r 0.4a
Lim PT   Joey Cortez
2.2p 1.6r 1.5a
    Kevin Lowe
0.4p 0.8r 0.0a

2003-2004 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Jesse Mackinson 28.7
FG% Aaron Patterson .592
3P% Emanuel Dildy .372
FT% Jake Sinclair .889
ORPG Jesse Mackinson 1.5
DRPG Jesse Mackinson 5.3
RPG Jesse Mackinson 6.8
APG Derik Hollyfield 2.7
BPG Jesse Mackinson 0.7
SPG Emanuel Dildy 1.1
PPG Josh Gomes 13.6

2002-2003 Eastern Illinois Panthers Depth Chart

Starters Craig Lewis
8.3p 4.0r 3.8a
J.R. Reynolds
12.5p 3.6r 1.3a
A. Gobczynski
1.8p 2.8r 0.8a
H. Domercant
28.2p 6.8r 2.8a
J. Mackinson
9.7p 5.0r 1.0a
Rotation Jake Sinclair
2.3p 1.8r 1.5a
David Roos
4.1p 3.0r 1.0a
John Thorsen
2.2p 1.3r 0.7a
  Jan Thompson
2.3p 2.8r 1.1a
Rotation Jason Wright
2.5p 1.4r 1.7a
Rotation Josh Gomes
4.9p 1.4r 1.0a
Lim PT Ramone Taylor
2.5p 1.1r 1.0a
Lim PT Scott Mueller
0.0p 0.0r 0.0a

2002-2003 Eastern Illinois Leaders

MPG Henry Domercant 33.7
FG% Jesse Mackinson .492
3P% Henry Domercant .434
FT% Henry Domercant .844
ORPG Henry Domercant 2.0
DRPG Henry Domercant 4.8
RPG Henry Domercant 6.8
APG Craig Lewis 3.8
BPG Henry Domercant 0.5
SPG Craig Lewis 1.5
PPG Henry Domercant 28.2