2019-2020 Jackson State Tigers

2019-2020 Jackson State Tigers Roster

2019-2020 Jackson State Tigers Front Office

Staff Member Position Start Season Previous Job
Wayne Brent Head Coach 2013-2014 N/A
Cason Burk Assistant Coach 2013-2014 Graduate Assistant (Jackson State, 2011 to 2012)
De'Suan Dixon Assistant Coach 2015-2016 N/A
Trey Johnson Assistant Coach 2018-2019 N/A
Ashley Robinson Athletic Director 2018-2019 Athletic Director (Prairie View A&M, 2014 to 2018)
Tavion Green Team Manager 2016-2017 N/A
Thomas Lee Team Manager 2016-2017 N/A
Malik Smith Team Manager 2018-2019 N/A
Renalta Fleming Head Athletic Trainer 2016-2017 Assistant Athletic Trainer (Jackson State, 2015 to 2016)
Whitney Champlin Assistant Athletic Trainer 2015-2016 N/A