2019-2020 Southern Jaguars

2019-2020 Southern Jaguars Roster

2019-2020 Southern Jaguars Front Office

Staff Member Position Start Season Previous Job
Sean Woods Head Coach 2018-2019 Assistant Coach (Stetson, 2017 to 2018)
Roman Banks Athletic Director 2015-2016 Head Coach (Southern, 2014 to 2017)
Herman Shelton Assistant Director of Sports Information 2017-2018 Director of Sports Information (Alcorn State, 2015 to 2016)
Ebony Paschall Team Manager 2014-2015 N/A
Kedrick Brown Director of Player Development 2017-2018 N/A
James McMurchy Strength and Conditioning Coach 2018-2019 N/A
William Word Director of Sports Medicine 2018-2019 N/A