Basketball Analysis

Olympic Basketball Preview From An NBA POV

by Keith P Smith

Aug 5, 2016 12:33 PM

With the Olympics beginning, we break down the players on each national team with some sort of NBA Connection. Read more »

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Team USA Providing Glimpse Into The Future Of DeMarcus Cousins

by Colin McGowan

Aug 2, 2016 4:20 PM

At this point, Team USA is defined mostly by its ancillary uses: namely, team plane karaoke Instagram videos and operating as a safe space for DeMarcus Cousins. Read more »

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Team USA And The Genesis Of NBA Superteams

by Christopher Reina

Jul 7, 2016 11:13 PM

Without the development of friendships as teammates and the on-court test drive of playing with each other as part of Team USA, the 2010 Heat and 2016 Warriors probably never happen. Read more »

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USA Fully Restores Order In Basketball Universe

by Jonathan Tjarks

The scariest part about the United States' performance is that this wasn’t even the team Mike Krzyzewski and Jerry Colangelo envisioned sending to Spain, yet they still haven't lost a game since 2006. Read more »
Building USA's 2016 Olympic Team

by Danny Leroux

Numerous international tournaments (FIBA U-19, adidas nations, etc) occurring during the summer between the 2012 Olympics and 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup triggered for me the thought of what the next USA Olympic basketball team can and should look like. Read more »
Basketball's Ambassador-In-Chief

by Jonathan Tjarks

LeBron James is an ambassador for the game of basketball, a game that can and does change people's lives for the better. That's a tremendous responsibility, and asides from one foolish primetime TV special, he's handled the blinding media spotlight and the celebrity fishbowl that comes with it about as well as could possibly be expected. Read more »
Kirilenko's NBA Departure And Return

by Michael Scotto

Andrei Kirilenko talks to RealGM about his experience with CSKA, winning the bronze in London, the impact of Mikhail Prokhorov on the Russian game and his initial days with the Wolves. Read more »
2012 Olympics: Final Advanced Player Stats

by Dan Hanner

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Pau Gasol, Patty Mills, Manu Ginobili and Andrei Kirilenko were the stars of the Olympics. Here is how their offensive ratings measure up. Read more »
Team-By-Team Gold Medal Winners

by Christopher Reina

The Jazz and Thunder have had the most Gold Medalists since the USA began bringing NBA players in 1992, while Duke leads amongst colleges. How do the other 29 NBA teams rank? Read more »
Star Among Stars (LeBron's Performance For The Ages)

by Jonathan Tjarks

More impressive than even his stats was LeBron James command of the game. While his teammates restricted their game and played more as specialists, LeBron expanded his. Whatever Team USA needed -- scoring, playmaking, rebounding, perimeter or interior defense -- he provided. Read more »
USA 2016 Will Threaten 1992 For Best Team Ever Assembled

by Christopher Reina

LeBron James Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant will presumably be at their peaks in 2016 at the ages of 31, 30 and 27 respectively, and the depth of talent joining them will be remarkable and similarly in their prime. Read more »
One Last Chance For Argentina's Golden Generation

by Jonathan Tjarks

While Team USA was turning over its entire roster every two years, the same core of Argentine players have been getting older. Now, in Friday’s Olympic semifinal, the “Golden Generation” has one final chance to defeat the Americans. It will be a much harder task in 2012: Team USA has been built in their image -- except faster, stronger and more athletic. Read more »
Olympic Quarterfinals By The Numbers

by Dan Hanner

Not surprisingly, the United States has the highest Points Per Possession (PPP) offense in the tournament. But what must make Mike Krzyzewski the most happy is that Team USA also has the lowest PPP defense. Read more »
Let The Valanciunas, Anthony Davis Comparisons Begin

by Jonathan Tjarks

Like almost all young centers, the development of Jonas Valanciunas and Anthony Davis will depend heavily on the environment their team puts them in. Davis has a higher ceiling than Valanciunas, but the difference between the two isn’t nearly as high as their pre-draft publicity would suggest. Read more »
Olympic Basketball After Day 3, A Look At Player Efficiency

by Dan Hanner

Who has been Team USA's biggest shot-hog so far? Who has been Argentina's weak link? And who has been the surprise star for Great Britain? Time to break out the efficiency stats. Read more »
Why The Owners Want Olympic Basketball Marginalized

by Jonathan Tjarks

After driving the NBA to the brink of a lost season in order to maximize their revenue streams, the owners are at it again with their World Cup of Basketball pursuit. If Mark Cuban wants another paycheck in the summer, he can earn it himself on the Shark Tank. Read more »
Kevin Seraphin's Roadblocks And Opportunities

by Jonathan Tjarks

Kevin Seraphin is the rare young big man comfortable scoring with his back to the basket, and his wide base and long arms allow him to establish deep post position. National team experience could allow a player like Seraphin to emerge in a new role when he returns to the Wizards. Read more »
Olympic Basketball Day 1

by Dan Hanner

With Day 1 of men's basketball in the books, which international team looked like Ryan Lochte and which team looked like Kim Rhode? Read more »
2012 Summer Olympics Preview: Group B

by Erildas Budraitis

While Spain should control Group B, Russia and Brazil each have an opportunity to medal. Read more »
Why The Lakers Need The Team USA Version Of Kobe Bryant

by Jonathan Tjarks

It makes no sense for a team that has Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Kevin Durant to give a 34-year old Kobe Bryant the green light to shoot the ball at will. The same is true for an NBA team with Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Steve Nash. Read more »