May 2010 Basketball Wiretap

Avery Johnson Blames Social Media For Carmelo Rumors

Dec 31, 2010 5:38 PM

Avery Johnson is asked often about Carmelo Anthony, who has been linked to the Nets in recent months.

Johnson hinted on Friday afternoon before New Jersey lost to Chicago that many rumors involving the trade are false.

"That's kind of what you sign up for. You're always going to have rumors about something, especially with this new social media. A long time ago there was no e-mail, Twitter, texting – so, again, all the different media publications and outlets that have emerged over the years, there's always going to be some rumors, even if they're not accurate. We all know that's why we have so many radio talk shows and all these different outlets are involved in sports.
"So whether they're accurate or not, you're always going to have rumors. Meanwhile, the main thing is a lot of our young guys that we're trying to develop that are supposedly in these trade rumors, we got to just make sure we keep developing those guys."

Johnson was referring to rookie forward Derrick Favors.

New York Daily News

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Bobcats Warming To Augustin Under Silas

Dec 31, 2010 3:46 PM

The Bobcats had been looking to trade D.J. Augustin, but owner Michael Jordan has backed off that stance, according to league sources.

Charlotte had discussions with the Clippers and Trail Blazers when Larry Brown was coach.

However, interim coach Paul Silas likes Augustin and will allow the team to play faster and looser, which suits the young point guard's style.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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Brewer Appears Expendable, Wants To Remain With Wolves

Dec 31, 2010 3:44 PM

Corey Brewer has seen his playing time decrease as of late, something Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis calls "circumstantial."

However, the return of Martell Webster from back surgery and the development of Wesley Johnson will likely keep Brewer's minutes down.

Minnesota chose not to negotiate a contract extension with the guard, who will become a restricted free agent next summer.

"I don't really want a trade," Brewer said. "I want to play more. I love Minnesota, been here four years. I don't really want to go anywhere, whatever they decide to do. If I'm not getting the minutes I'd like to get, I still feel I can help the team whenever I do get out there.

"As long as that's positive, everybody sees it here and other teams see it."

Star Tribune

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Camby Wouldn't Oppose Trade To Knicks

Dec 31, 2010 9:39 AM

Marcus Camby wants to remain in Portland, but if the team does trade him he would prefer to be dealt to a contending team.

A source says that the veteran will contemplate retirement if moved to a rebuilding club.

The Knicks, however, are one team that Camby would approve.

Ken Berger/CBS Sports

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Bulls Won't Acquire Jackson, Mayo; Will Stand Pat

Dec 31, 2010 9:36 AM

There have been a number of rumors about the Bulls looking to upgrade their talent at shooting guard, but they'll stand pat at the position for the time being.

Chicago has been linked to Stephen Jackson and O.J. Mayo, but they'll continue to rely on Keith Bogans, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver.

The Bulls were engaged in talks recently, but nothing is imminent or likely, according to an NBA source.

They don't want to mortgage their future by making a move.

Chicago Sun-Times

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Flynn Remains Positive Amid Trade Chatter

Dec 31, 2010 9:34 AM

Jonny Flynn hopes to remain in Minnesota, but he's aware of the trade rumors involving his name.

He acknowledged Thursday that he could be traded with veteran Luke Ridnour starting and the Timberwolves hoping to bring Ricky Rubio over from Spain next season.

Flynn pays attention to the rumors, but doesn't let them get him down.

He is nine games into his return from offseason hip surgery and is averaging 5.1 points and 2.9 rebounds in 17.4 minutes.

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Nets Grow Weary Of Carmelo Pursuit

Dec 30, 2010 7:33 PM

In the long-standing saga surrounding Carmelo Anthony, the Nuggets may have "overplayed their hand" in negotiations with the Nets, according to one executive, and New Jersey's front office is now in the process of "substantively" re-evaluating its pursuit of Anthony.

The Nets have been chasing Anthony for months but according to sources, New Jersey has grown "sick of the whole charade" and have "backed away."

But the Nets have not yet completely pulled out of the hunt to acquire Anthony, who is reportedly reluctant to sign a contract extension in New Jersey.

The Nuggets are expected to opt for a young roster and to try to accumulate draft picks if the team does decide to move Anthony.

CBS Sports

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Jackson Questions Where 'Final Say' On A Chris Paul Trade Would Come

Dec 30, 2010 7:30 PM

Phil Jackson says he's "not happy" about the NBA's ownership of the Hornets and is not optimistic about the possibility of the team remaining in New Orleans.

Jackson also commented on how the NBA's takeover raises questions about where the final say on a Chris Paul trade, should it happen, comes from.

Orange County Register

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Knicks Interested In Ridnour, Not Telfair

Dec 30, 2010 7:20 PM

Minnesota is interested in acquiring Anthony Randolph from the Knicks and is attempting to use one of their point guards to make a trade possible.

New York is interested in Luke Ridnour or a first round pick, but they are not in the market for Sebastian Telfair.


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Houston Shopping Virtually Everyone

Dec 30, 2010 7:17 PM's Chad Ford wrote in a chat on Wednesday that the Rockets are very active in trade talks.

According to Ford, Yao Ming isn't the only player Houston is making available in trade discussions.

"Rockets are very, very active right now. Virtually everyone on the team is for sale for the right price," Ford wrote.

"I've heard Yao, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Battier all mentioned. Rockets want/need a star right now and are willing to package players together to get it. Problem is their talent level is solid, but overpaid. Martin and Scola are good, but few teams want those contracts. Yao is solid as an expiring contract, but there are tons of those floating around. If you believe Yao will come back, could be some value there, but he's an unrestricted free agent this summer."

Chad Ford/

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Rockets Want Prospect, Pick And Expiring Contract For Yao

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter)

Wolves Plan To Make Push For Mayo, Anthony Randolph

Ken Berger/CBS Sports