March 2020 Basketball Wiretap

Knicks Had Interest In Trading For Terry Rozier Before Deadline

Mar 30, 2020 9:07 PM

The New York Knicks had interest in trading for Terry Rozier before the 2020 trade deadline.

The Knicks had support internally for a deal that would have sent Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr. and a future first round pick to the Charlotte Hornets for Rozier and Malik Monk.

It is not known how close a deal came to being executed.

The Knicks also had interest in trading for D'Angelo Russell.

Both Rozier and Russell were free agents last offseason.

Ian Begley/SNY

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Nets Expected To Use Young Talent To Acquire Third Star

Mar 30, 2020 11:39 AM

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to continue to reshape their roster around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

"I believe they have telegraphed they intend to use some of their young talent to acquire a third star along with Kyrie and Durant," said Brian Windhorst. "Now, we can get enter a healthy debate here about whether Caris LeVert is that third star and they make the decision that he is. But my feel reading the tea leaves, paying attention to what Sean Marks has said and also being aware of some conversations they had at the trade deadline, which was sticking the toe in the water on some things, I think they're going to swing for the fences whenever the season comes. They're going to have to potentially hire a coach that is going to help them do that."

The Nets' two biggest trade chips are believed to be LeVert and Jarrett Allen, though Spencer Dinwiddie could be another player they can trade to acquire a third star. Dinwiddie has been a solid backup for Irving, who has also filled in due to injuries. 

Bradley Beal and Jrue Holiday are two players mentioned by Windhorst as possible targets as they're a pair of players who could become available on the trade market.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Giannis Antetkounmpo Signing Supermax Could Open Up Star Movement In 2020 Offseason

Mar 9, 2020 2:51 PM

The most critical piece of business in the NBA this coming offseason will be whether Giannis Antetkounmpo signs a supermax contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks. Many NBA teams are positioned to pursue  Antetkounmpo if he becomes available in free agency in 2021 and if he decides to commit his future to the Bucks in 2020, that may open those teams up to pursue other stars.

"One of the things when I talk to executives out there that they say is if Giannis extends with the Bucks this summer, which depending on who you talk to is either a slam dunk or a real question, the Bucks certainly feel like they have a great chance to extend him this summer," said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. "If he signs that supermax extension this summer and all of the teams that are sort of saving, you know, keeping their ammo dry for 2021 may begin to make action. They tell me this summer's star movement may be hinged on whether or not Giannis extends or not. If he extends, you'll all of a sudden see more action."

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Nuggets Made Push To Trade For Jrue Holiday At Trade Deadline

Mar 6, 2020 8:53 PM

The Denver Nuggets made a significant push to acquire Jrue Holiday before the trade deadline, according to sources that spoke with Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The New Orleans Pelicans, however, never showed interest to move him.

Holiday made it clear that he would at least like to play out the remainder of the 19-20 season with the Pelicans. 

Shams Charania/The Athletic

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Lakers Offered Alex Caruso To Pistons In Deal For Derrick Rose

Mar 6, 2020 1:12 PM

The Los Angeles Lakers tried to trade for Derrick Rose at the trade deadline, offering Alex Caruso and draft compensation.

The Detroit Pistons set a high price for Rose and decided to keep as he's signed for 20-21 at an affordable number.

The Lakers have sought a perimeter player who can create his own shot.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

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Suns Tried To Trade For Aaron Gordon At Trade Deadline

Mar 6, 2020 1:10 PM

The Phoenix Suns made a push to trade for Aaron Gordon before the trade deadline, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The Orlando Magic are expected to receive interest in Gordon again this coming offseason from multiple teams.

It is unclear how Gordon fits in the future of the Magic. 

Shams Charania/The Athletic

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Knicks Interested In Trading For Chris Paul

Mar 5, 2020 2:34 PM

The New York Knicks could pursue a trade for Chris Paul this offseason.

Paul is having a resurgent career at the age of 34, but he is owed $41.4 million in 20-21 and $44.2 million in 21-22. The Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Paul from the Houston Rockets as part of the Russell Westbrook trade and were unable to trade him to another team this past offseason.

Leon Rose, who is now running the Knicks, was the longtime agent of Paul.

Frank Isola/The Athletic

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Celtics Were Targeting Eventual Trade For Paul George Until Jayson Tatum's 2nd Workout

Mar 3, 2020 11:12 AM

When Markelle Fultz shot poorly in his second pre-draft workout with the Boston Celtics, Danny Ainge began exploring trades to move down from No. 1.

Sources tell Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer that the Celtics hoped to acquire a pick a few spots lower than No. 1 and other assets to flip in a separate trade for Paul George. The Indiana Pacers were in the process of trying to trade George, who was eventually dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder on the eve of 2017 free agency.

But Jayson Tatum worked out for a second time and the Celtics began targeting to him.

“You saw the change of heart,” said one league source familiar with Tatum’s second and final workout with Boston. “Danny was like ‘OK, we’re getting this kid,’ and a few days later they made the trade.”

Tatum has become an All-Star this season and is arguably already a better player than George considering the latter's injury history.

“We just felt that Jayson had a chance to be a very, very good player that would fit well into our culture,” Ainge said.

Kevin O'Connor/The Ringer

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