Rodions Kurucs was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend at his apartment.

Kurucs attacked the woman on June 27th.

Kurucs allegedly screamed, “I am going to kill myself” then put his hand around the woman’s throat and choked her, the sources said.

Kurucs was charged with third degree assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and other charges.

Kurucs’ lawyer Alex Spiro noted there are no photos of the alleged assault, and that the woman didn’t report the incident for nearly two months.

“As I understand it, self-reported injuries, judge,” said Spiro.

The then-couple flew together to Las Vegas together the next day.

“After learning of the allegations against Rodions Kurucs, we notified and are assisting the League Office as they begin the process of gathering more information,” the Nets said in a statement Tuesday. “The Nets organization takes allegations of this nature with extreme seriousness. While the investigation is underway and as we continue to learn more, we will refrain from commenting further.”