February 2020 Basketball Wiretap

NBA Could See Up To 30 Percent Increase In Next Jersey Sponsorship Deals

Feb 26, 2020 12:20 PM

NBA teams could see as much as a 30 percent increase in their next jersey patch sponsorship deals. 

Sponsorships were sold three seasons ago as part of a pilot program. When the program started, it generated more than $150 million per year in new revenue, which was higher than the league projected. Teams have been paid anywhere between $5 million and $20 million per year. 

A study from YouGov has shown a high recognition rate for jersey patch sponsorships. 

Terry Lefton, John Lombardo/Sports Business Journal


Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia Honored At Basketball Hall Of Fame

Feb 15, 2020 1:45 PM

Nav Bhatia and the late Penny Marshall were both honored at the Basketball Hall of Fame in the superfan gallery.

Bhatia, a Toronto-area businessman who immigrated to Canada in 1984, has attended almost every Raptors home game during the team's existence.

"You are a super fan. I want to say thank you for being who you are and thank you for being a part of the Hall of Fame. And I want to congratulate you for for all of that," said Hall of Fame chairman Jerry Colangelo to Bhatia. 

Bhatia paid tribute to Raptors fans in accepting the honor.

"Me being in the presence of such great basketball talent in the world right here, this is so unreal ... I'm still in shock and that's why I'm accepting this on behalf of not just the Toronto fans, Raptors fans, but all the fans, basketball fans and the NBA fans all over the world. 


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NBA's Next National TV Deals Could Double In Value

Feb 11, 2020 2:16 PM

The NBA's current national television contract pays $2.7 billion per year with ESPN and TNT. 

The existing deal runs through the 24-25 season and could increase in value despite this season's drop in ratings.

“This season’s NBA ratings story is silly. It is a small sample size. This is a year-round league with year-round stories,” said sports media consultant Lee Berke of LHB Sports. “The next NBA media agreements will be a substantially evolved set of deals because of streaming. There will be an increasing range of media companies that want the NBA for the U.S. and worldwide.”

Burke expects the next television deal to roughly double in value.

Kurt Badenhausen/Forbes


29 Out Of 30 NBA Teams Made Operating Profit In 19-20 At Average Of $70M

Feb 11, 2020 2:13 PM

The Oklahoma City Thunder were the only team in the NBA to have an operating loss last season.

Operating profits reached a record $70 million per team last season, which was up 15 percent from the season before.

There were six teams that had profits of at least $100 million.

For the Thunder, they lost $23 million due to their $61 million luxury tax bill in a small market. The owners of the Thunder made the decision out of their own accord to relocate the franchise from Seattle (14th biggest market) to Oklahoma City (41st biggest market).

Kurt Badenhausen/Forbes


NBA Franchise Valuations Up 14 Percent From 2019 To $2.12 Billion Average

Feb 11, 2020 1:48 PM

Forbes has released the NBA franchise valuations for 2020 with a league-wide increase of 14 percent from 2019 to an average of $2.12 billion. NFL valuations have increased 11 percent and Major League Baseball has increased eight percent.

The NBA generated a combined $8.8 billion in revenue last season, which was up 10 percent over the previous season. Gate receipts are projected to increase eight percent overall in 19-20 as the Golden State Warriors opened a new arena while renovations were completed in Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Washington.

The New York Knicks are the NBA's most valuable team for the fifth straight season and have increased by 15 percent to $4.6 billion, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at $4.4 billion and the Golden State Warriors at  $4.3 billion.

1. New York Knicks: $4.6 billion (+15%)
2. Los Angeles Lakers: $4.4 billion (+19%)
3. Golden State Warriors: $4.3 billion (+23%)
4. Chicago Bulls: $3.2 billion (+10%)
5. Boston Celtics: $3.1 billion (+11%)
6. Los Angeles Clippers: $2.6 billion (+18%)
7. Brooklyn Nets: $2.5 billion (+6%)
8. Houston Rockets: $2.475 billion (+8%)
9. Dallas Mavericks: $2.4 billion (+7%)
10. Toronto Raptors: $2.1 billion (+25%)
11. Philadelphia 76ers: $2.0 billion (+21%)
12. Miami Heat: $1.95 billion (+11%)
13. Portland Trail Blazers: $1.85 billion (+16%)
14. San Antonio Spurs: $1.8 billion (+11%)
15. Sacramento Kings: $1.75 billion (+13%)
16. Washington Wizards: $1.775 billion (+13%)
17. Phoenix Suns: $1.625 billion (+8%)
18. Denver Nuggets: $1.6 billion (+16%)
19. Milwaukee Bucks: $1.58 billion (+17%)
20. Oklahoma City Thunder: $1.575 billion (+7%)
21. Utah Jazz: $1.55 billion (+9%)
22. Indiana Pacers: $1.525 billion (+9%)
23. Atlanta Hawks: $1.52 billion (+17%)
24. Cleveland Cavaliers: $1.51 (+18%)
25. Charlotte Hornets: $1.5 billion (+20%)
26. Detroit Pistons: $1.45 billion (+14%)
27. Orlando Magic: $1.43 billion (+8%)
28. Minnesota Timberwolves: $1.375 billion (+9%)
29. New Orleans Pelicans: $1.35 billion (+11%)
30. Memphis Grizzlies: $1.3 billion (+8%)

Kurt Badenhausen/Forbes