Andre Emmett GF  #2

Current Team: N/A

Born: Aug 27, 1982 (Passed away Sep 23, 2019, aged 37)

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas (United States)

Nationality: United States

Height: 6-5 (196cm)     Weight: 224 (102kg)

Current NBA Status: Deceased (Sep 23, 2019)

Current Agent: Larry Fox

Draft Entry: 2004 NBA Draft

Early Entry Info: 2003 Early Entrant (Withdrew)

Drafted: Round 2, Pick 6, Seattle SuperSonics

Draft Rights Trade: SEA to MEM, Jun 24, 2004

Pre-Draft Team: Texas Tech (Sr)

High School: David W Carter High School [Dallas, Texas]

Andre Emmett Teammates

Lorenzen Wright

Shane Battier

James Posey

Jason Williams

Earl Watson

Brian Cardinal

Deron Williams

MarShon Brooks

Anthony Morrow

Shelden Williams

Teammates Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
Lorenzen WrightGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05812.86.90.55362.5%Compare
Shane BattierGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05812.14.51.55362.5%Compare
James PoseyGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05810.43.91.65362.5%Compare
Jason WilliamsGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0588.62.15.65362.5%Compare
Earl WatsonGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0587.41.43.15362.5%Compare
Brian CardinalGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05711.92.73.14357.1%Compare
Deron WilliamsNetsNBA1: 2011-12628.53.77.22433.3%Compare
MarShon BrooksNetsNBA1: 2011-12616.54.33.32433.3%Compare
Anthony MorrowNetsNBA1: 2011-1269.51.71.02433.3%Compare
Shelden WilliamsNetsNBA1: 2011-1266.710.80.52433.3%Compare
Sundiata GainesNetsNBA1: 2011-1264.81.52.52433.3%Compare
Johan PetroNetsNBA1: 2011-1263.33.70.32433.3%Compare
DeShawn StevensonNetsNBA1: 2011-1263.23.81.22433.3%Compare
Jake TsakalidisGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0562.81.30.34266.7%Compare
Kris HumphriesNetsNBA1: 2011-12517.011.42.22340.0%Compare
Pau GasolGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05416.05.32.33175.0%Compare
Mike MillerGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05414.56.34.52250.0%Compare
Stromile SwiftGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-05411.84.50.33175.0%Compare
Bonzi WellsGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0547.32.52.03175.0%Compare
Ryan HumphreyGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0543.53.50.02250.0%Compare
Dahntay JonesGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0543.51.31.33175.0%Compare
Jordan WilliamsNetsNBA1: 2011-1240.01.00.31325.0%Compare
Brook LopezNetsNBA1: 2011-12212.03.01.0020.0%Compare
Jordan FarmarNetsNBA1: 2011-1222.00.00.01150.0%Compare
Antonio BurksGrizzliesNBA1: 2004-0514.00.00.0010.0%Compare

* 25 teammates found. All stats represent what the teammates of Andre Emmett averaged when they played with him in the selected games.