Jake Santiago G  #0

Current Team: Rivier

Birthplace/Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire

Nationality: United States

Height: 5-10 (178cm)     Weight: N/A

Current NBA Status: Draft Eligible in 2022

Draft Entry: 2022 NBA Draft

Pre-Draft Team: Rivier (So)

High School: Manchester Memorial High School [Manchester, New Hampshire]

Jake Santiago Opponents

Jayden Martinez

Nick Guadarrama

Mark Carbone

Luke Rosinski

Elijah Jordan

Jordan Reed

Kijana Love

Marque Maultsby

Josh Hopkins

Chris Lester

Opponents Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
Jayden MartinezNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-19115.05.02.010100.0%Compare
Nick GuadarramaNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-19114.06.01.010100.0%Compare
Mark CarboneNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-19112.02.04.010100.0%Compare
Luke RosinskiNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-19111.010.00.010100.0%Compare
Elijah JordanNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1919.02.02.010100.0%Compare
Jordan ReedNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1919.00.01.010100.0%Compare
Kijana LoveNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1918.02.03.010100.0%Compare
Marque MaultsbyNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1918.03.01.010100.0%Compare
Josh HopkinsNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1917.03.06.010100.0%Compare
Chris LesterNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1917.06.00.010100.0%Compare
David HallNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1914.05.00.010100.0%Compare
Nate HobbsNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1912.02.01.010100.0%Compare
David WatkinsNew HampshireNCAA1: 2018-1912.04.01.010100.0%Compare

* 13 opponents found. All stats represent what the opponents of Jake Santiago averaged when they played against him in the selected games.