Tyson Kanseyo C

Full Name: Tyson Nkumu Kanseyo

Current Team: N/A

Born: Feb 10, 1995 (24 years old)

Birthplace/Hometown: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Nationality: Netherlands

Height: 6-8 (203cm)     Weight: 220 (100kg)

Current NBA Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Draft Entry: 2019 NBA Draft

Drafted: Undrafted

Pre-Draft Team: Azusa Pacific (Sr)

Tyson Kanseyo Teammates

Tyler Hall

Marcus Colbert

Zach Green

Sarp Gobeloglu

Danny Robison

Nahjee Matlock

Quinton Everett

Sam Neumann

Stephan Holm

Mandrell Worthy

Teammates Statistics & Data Below

Player Team(s) League(s) Season(s) GP PTS REB AST W's L's Win%
Tyler HallMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-162618.74.91.6111542.3%Compare
Marcus ColbertMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-162617.43.25.0111542.3%Compare
Zach GreenMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16268.45.71.4111542.3%Compare
Sarp GobelogluMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16268.03.70.6111542.3%Compare
Danny RobisonMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16264.93.70.3111542.3%Compare
Nahjee MatlockMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16262.21.51.1111542.3%Compare
Quinton EverettMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16247.45.21.3101441.7%Compare
Sam NeumannMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16232.71.70.491439.1%Compare
Stephan HolmMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16205.72.30.581240.0%Compare
Shikei BlakeMontana StateNCAA1: 2015-16191.61.80.081142.1%Compare
Petar KutlesicAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-18216.58.52.51150.0%Compare
Mandrell WorthyAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-18216.01.03.01150.0%Compare
Darien McClainAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-18212.02.02.51150.0%Compare
Corey LangerveldAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-18210.03.53.01150.0%Compare
Selom MawugbeAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-1826.03.50.01150.0%Compare
Will FerrisAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-1825.00.00.51150.0%Compare
Ben TaufahemaAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-1823.02.01.01150.0%Compare
Noah BundrantAzusa PacificNCAA DII1: 2017-1820.01.50.51150.0%Compare

* 18 teammates found. All stats represent what the teammates of Tyson Kanseyo averaged when they played with him in the selected games.