Lamar Odom has done everything possible to make sure the Los Angeles Clippers do not match an offer sheet from the Heat.

All that is left to do is test his work and sign the offer sheet.

According to sources close to the negotiations, Odom is expected to do just that today after returning to Los Angeles from New York on Sunday. The Heat and Odom's agent have agreed on a six-year deal worth between $60 million and $70 million.

To make sure the Clippers do not match the offer (they have 15 days to do so), Odom already has publicly criticized the team and made it clear he wants his career with the Heat to begin this upcoming season.

''I think my career is going to take off with the Heat. I'm running in muddy waters with the Clippers,'' Odom said last week.

``I want to be with somebody that's for me 100 percent, and the Miami Heat and coach Pat Riley [have] shown me that they're with me 100 percent. So, it makes no sense for me to go somewhere else where it's iffy or shaky.

``For certain reasons, I just think the relationship [with the Clippers] has run its course, and it's over.''