Allen Iverson spoke with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on Wednesday in his first interview since being traded to Denver.

"It's a great feeling. I'm just glad the whole process is over. I think I'm just put in a situation where I can succeed."

Iverson later added that he did not request a trade out of Philadelphia.

"I went into a meeting with Billy and I had expressed my frustrations," Iverson said. "We had lost 12 of 14 games and something wasn't right. I told Billy King we couldn't win with this style. I didn't directly say, 'Trade me -- I'm ready to go.'"

Philadelphia will remain a place that was very special for Iverson.

"I love my fans in Philadelphia, but this is the hardest place in the world to play in," Iverson said. "And I think it's the hardest place to play in to be a superstar. Just to be the No. 1 guy. All eyes on you -- because everybody wants you to be perfect, but not themselves."