Stephen Jackson has been told that not everyone will be back when the Warriors return next season, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting.

"There will be change, things will be shifted," Jackson said this past week, "but I think the core will be here. I think as a team and an organization, we know the steps that we have to take to correct a lot of these wrongs that we had this season."

Coach Don Nelson said a few weeks ago that with Monta Ellis proving that he can return to his old form, the Warriors need two things to become a "decent" team again: A good draft pick, and "a move or trade to pick up another need guy."

Nelson listed rebounding, defense and passing as the Warriors' biggest holes - "Put them in any order you want," he said.

While Jackson did mention many of his teammates when talking about the team's future, a glaring omission was Jamal Crawford, whom Nelson already has said he expects to be gone, either via free agency if he opts out of his contract, or via trade.